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Product Description

Zyban is an anti-smoking drug that helps people to quit smoking. The course of therapy with Zyban has to be commenced a week prior to the person’s plan to quit smoking. The medication can be used for a maximum of up to 12 weeks.

How it works?

Zyban works to help smokers by reducing the cravings for cigarettes and also the withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and irritability to certain extent. It helps a person to gradually stop the habit of smoking altogether. In order to get the fullest benefit of this drug, it is better to use it with other effective medications recommended by the physician.


The primary benefit of this drug is to encourage smokers to help quit smoking by suppressing their withdrawal symptoms. As this medicine has the ability to control the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain, it can treat depression also. A person gets effective treatment for addiction to smoking by taking Zyban every day or as prescribed.


Dosage would be personalized based on various factors. It cannot exceed 300mg per day. The whole Zyban therapy would be individualized. However, it is very dangerous to consume the medication without seeking appropriate medical advice.

People with ailments in heart and kidney are advised not to stick on to the standard dosage recommendations. You should have an individualized dosage schedule and other precautionary measures should be taken while consuming the pill.


Doctors would prescribe Zyban only if the benefit of using it is higher than risks involved in it. Though Zyban has some chemicals which can be found in antidepressants, it should not be used for depression. It should be used only by people aged between 24 and 65.

Pregnant women should exercise caution whilst consuming this pill, as Zyban results in malfunctioning of the fetus. Lactating mothers are advised to take this drug only after getting prior approval from the pediatrician.

It is best to avoid alcohol consumption as this med has the risk of causing seizures.

You should not stop the treatment abruptly as doing so might result in many unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Check if you are allergic to any of the components of this drug by reading its ingredients.

Side effects

Zyban can result in very serious side effects like

Thus, no matter whether you have a medical condition or not, the doctor’s approval is very essential.

Self Care

Do not attempt to quit smoking immediately after you start using this mediation. Try to smoke at least in the first week of the treatment as this will help the drug to interact adequately with the body. Once the body reacts positively to this drug, you can slowly begin to quit smoking.

Usually opting to quit smoking in the second week of treatment would be ideal. You might happen to use this med along with patches of nicotine or gum which can result in the increase of your blood pressure. So it is important to speak to your doctor if you can use this combination.