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Product Description

Being manufactured by a prominent company since 1992, Zocor is a lipid lowering medication that is used to reduce hyperlipidemia (elevated lipid levels) together with exercise, diet and weight loss. The medicine is also used to prevent people who are at risk of heart disease, diabetes and people who have already experienced stroke or heart attack.

Due to its eminence, the medicine is listed as one among the important pills used in the basic health system in the World Health Organization’s list of Essential medicines. The drug is also available in generic formulation. But one should consult a physician before taking branded or generic Zocorbecause through the process they will know the usage instruction of the drug meticulously.

Medical Uses

Zocor pill is predominantly used in the treatment of dyslipidemia (abnormal amount of lipid in blood). The pill decreases the cholesterol level in blood by blocking the enzyme that is required to make cholesterol, in addition to increasing the quantity of low density lipoproteins.

It is utilized to reduce the risk of heart strokes or attacks by reducing the cholesterol levels. Also the pill is used to treat conditions caused by atherosclerosis (disease where plague builds up in side arteries). By heart protection study, it is found that people taking Zocor pill experienced 38% fewer non-fatal heart attacks and 25% fewer heart strokes and the overall mortality was reduced by 13%.

Dosing guide

The dosage of Zocor drug ranges from 5mg to 40mg a day. In general, 10mg of this pill is prescribed to be taken in the evening. For people who have more possibilities of heart disease the initial dose is 40mg a day.

People with elevated risk of muscular problems are prescribed with 80mg of Zocor pill which is given only if they have not experienced muscle problems by taking that dose for a prolonged duration of more than a year. In case of teens with ancestral high cholesterol, 10mg of this medication is prescribed a day.

Side effects

The side effects that occur in common while taking Zocor pill are

Serious Side effects include

At times, the side effects may also occur due to poor quality of the medication.

Precautionary advice

Do not take any products related to grape fruit. This would increase the amount of drug in the body and could cause harm.

Prior to taking Zocor, tell your medical specialist if you are allergic to this active ingredient or if you had any other allergies.

Consumption of alcohol along with this medication would increase the risk of liver problems.

It is recommended to convey about your history of medical conditions to a health care professional before commencing the treatment with Zocor drug.

You are not supposed to take this medication if you are pregnant, planning to conceive or nursing a baby.