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Product Description

Zetia belongs to a class of lipid lowering compounds that carefully hinders the intestinal absorption of cholesterol and similar phytosterols. The ezetimibe appears to be in white color and is a crystalline powder that is insoluble in water. It is available in the form of tablets comprising 10 mg of Ezetimibe which is the generic name of Zetia and has a melting point of 163 degrees Celsius and further it is stable at ambient temperature.

Medical Uses

Zetia is beneficial in reducing cholesterol in the blood and is used along with low fat diet and exercise. It is either used alone or with other medications like fibrates and statins. The medication is believed to work by lowering the amount of cholesterol your body can absorb from the diet. It is important to lower the cholesterol in the body that helps in preventing strokes and heart attacks. Certain medication for cholesterol should not be taken at the same time, so it is important to adhere to the instructions given by the physician.

Dosing guide

Zetia should be taken by mouth with or without food. Doctors usually recommend taking this medication once each day. One should not take this medication in smaller or larger dosage strengths and should not take longer than what is recommended.

Read the prescription label carefully before taking Zetia and strictly follow your doctor’s guidelines so as to avoid complications. The dosage differs for individuals and with varied conditions. To get the most advantages from this medicine, take it regularly and on time. Take it at the same time each day so as to help remember better.

Side Effects

Like every other medicine, this medication too has its own set of side effects. You might have been prescribed with zetia only because the benefits of this medication are believed to be greater than its side effects. Sometimes this medication can increase the risk of damage to liver or muscles if it is taken along with statin or fibrate.

Precautionary advice

One should avoid eating highly fatty foods or cholesterol rich foods in order to avoid unfavorable health complications. Taking cyclosporine or blood thinner medications like warfarin, Jantoven can result in drug interactions; therefore notify your doctor if you are taking any of these medications.

Pregnant or breast feeding women should not take Zetia with statin. This combination is often used as a birth control remedy. Tell your health adviser in due if you are taking any other medications for treating same condition or any other health condition so as to allow the physician prescribe the right medicine in the appropriate dosage strength for you.