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Product Description

Zenegra is an erectile dysfunction medication that comes in the form of a capsule. It is one of the trade names of the generic version sildenafil citrate.  And hence contains the same active component which is sildenafil. In a healthy man, when a sexual stimulation happens, cGMP enzyme gets activated and it facilitates the ability of man to develop an erection. In men with erectile dysfunction this action is limited to various underlying conditions. So for such men sildenafil in Zenegra empowers cGMP to perform its action again and helps a man get an erection so he can engage in a sexual activity without interruption.

Zenegra is prescribed for:

The treatment of erectile dysfunction in men of all age groups. Any time there is a difficultly in developing an erection, this ED pill would be of great assistance. But it will not act unless there is an external sexual stimulation. Zenegra only imitates the natural functioning of the body upon a sexual stimulus. It also assists the engorgement of the penis to last for a long duration.

Apart from treating ED, Zenegra is also used for treating depression and pulmonary hypertension. But before doing so it is imperative to look at the description of the medicine to determine whether you are the right candidate to use the medicine.

Dosage and administration pattern

Zenegra comes in the dosage strengths of 50 mg and 100 mg. Choosing the right dosage can be done with the help of a physician or a pharmacist. Some people will notice enough satisfaction with 50 mg while others need 100 mg to get the same benefit. This also depends on the age and tolerance degree of the body.

Generally older men are suggested to take a lower dose of Zenegra. It must be taken 1 hour before engaging in a sex. It should not be consumed along with food. Eating fatty food and taking Zenegra 100 mg at the same paves way for reduced effectiveness of the pill. At times the man might not even get an erection. Refrain from taking alcohol and other stimulants in conjunction with the pill.

Side effects

Check with your doctor if the following side-effects are seen while on the course of treatment with Zenegra.

Severe side effects resulting from use of Zenegra are:

Drugs that interact with Zenegra 100 mg pills

The medicine interacts with HIV medicines, antibiotics, blood pressure medication and some antifungal medications. One should not take Zenegra 100 mg along with other ED medications as it would worsen its side effects. So exercise caution and stay away from drug interactions arising from this pill.

Ideal storage conditions

Zenegra should be kept in a tightly packed container in a secured place preventing children, pets and women from taking it. The pills should be kept in room temperature avoiding places of moisture and excess heat. Men who are travelling should make sure that they do not keep Zenegra 100 mg pills in the extreme hot regions in the car. The change in temperature would affect the effectiveness of this ED medication. Check for the expiry date every time. Dispose the expired tablets in a safe manner.