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Zebeta vs. ClonidineWhen you are in search of comparisons between different medications, you would usually end up in finding the comparisons between their prices, dosage strengths, etc. but you would always expect which drug is the best compared to the other medication. You should not look for this answer instead should analyze which medication would be the best for your health condition. The reason behind this is that, the severity of the ailment as well as the body condition is not the same for all people.

Similarly while comparing between Clonidine and Zebeta, you should choose the medication which is suitable for you. A doctor can help you to identify your appropriate medication.

Active ingredient is that which should be taken into consideration before commencing the treatment. Some people might be allergic to specific ingredient in the medication. For example, few people would be allergic to Bisoprolol Fumarate which is the active ingredient in Zebeta medication. Those people should not take Zebeta as this would cause serious issues. This is the same case for clonidine. The doctor would identify it at the initial stage and would prescribe the suitable drug.

There are chances that you would be suffering from any medical condition or might be taking any drugs that would interact with these medications and change the way it works. In this situation, you should find out the best way in taking any of these medications before commencing the treatment.

Some people would have high level of tolerance towards a particular drug and this might happen because you might have taken either Zebeta or Clonidine in the past or else you would have taken any similar medication. A doctor is the one who can guide you after examining your drug history.


Zebeta is commonly known as a beta blocker. When you take Zebeta it can treat your hypertension problem. This drug helps to block certain natural chemicals in the body called as epinephrine on the blood vessels and heart. By doing this, it will reduce the strain on the heart; reduce the blood pressure and heart rate.


This medication belongs to the group of drugs called as central alpha agonists. Clonidine is known to act on the brain to lower the blood pressure. It also relaxes the blood vessels so that the blood can flow very easily. By lowering the hypertension, it reduces the chance of heart attacks, kidney issues and strokes.

What should you take to treat hypertension? Zebeta or clonidine

Both the medications are the best in its own ways. It won’t work in the same way for everyone so get help from a health care professional and decide which drug you would need to take to treat hypertension. You might also take Zebeta for a shorter period and then take Clonidine for another few days for a trial purpose. This might also be a way for you to identify which drug works at a faster rate on your body and which drug is the best for your body type. Also take the drug that has minimal side effects.