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Xenical or AlliOrlistat is quite well-known for its weight reducing properties, especially as the drug works differently from other weight loss products available in the market. The drug is available under two variants, namely Xenical and Alli. Both drugs contain the same active ingredient Orlistat. However, the primary difference between the two is that one is a prescription medication and the other one can be purchased over-the-counter. Deciding between taking either Xenical or Alli does not depend only on this as there are a number of other factors to consider as well.

Before comparing the two medications, the users would do well to understand how exactly Orlistat works. The working mechanism of Orlistat is that it blocks the breakdown of fat by inhibiting lipase. Fat contained in foods is prevented from being absorbed into the blood stream but is excreted without being digested. Orlistat is ideal if the goal is to gradually lose weight and also to keep off gaining back any weight already lost. Understand the pros and cons of taking Xenical and Alli, and then decide which drug may be more suitable for you.

Difference between Xenical and Alli

Xenical is available at the dosage strength of 120mg while the dosage of Alli is 60mg. Apart from the dosage, Xenical is also slightly more expensive to purchase as it is a prescription medication. The high dosage of Xenical is suitable for highly obese individuals who are at risk of developing weight related illnesses and require weight loss medication. Xenical is useful when simply following a good diet and working out is not enough to lose the excess weight.

The dosage of Alli may be milder but the drug is still effective. This medication can be bought from a store and you do not require a prescription. Those who wish to lose a few pounds, while also following a reduced-calorie diet, would do well to take this brand of Orlistat. Some stores offer discounts and this option is suitable if you are looking to save money. However, Alli does not have the same strength as Xenical, so it takes longer for the drug’s results to be experienced with regard to weight loss.

Choosing which drug to take – Xenical or Alli

Whether you decide to take Xenical or Alli, you should also know that the dose has to be taken three times a day with every meal. Taking Orlistat also produces some very prominent side effects. The user is most likely to experience oily stools and flatulence from taking this drug. These effects wear off once your body adjusts to the medication. If you are worried about the side effects or response to the medication, opt for Alli first and see how the drug works for you. For greater weight loss benefits, you should go with Xenical, but have to get a prescription to be able to use the drug.

Managing the cost may be easy with the Alli pills, but if you have the right insurance cover you may be able to get Xenical assistance, especially if the excess weight is causing any other health problems. Alli may be more easily available but consulting with a doctor before deciding on the dosage is recommended. You would also know how to go about taking Orlistat for efficient weight loss with either Xenical or Alli.