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prescription mistakesIt is definitely possible for an online pharmacy to make prescription mistakes. After all, hundreds of prescriptions may be filled by an individual online drugstore and there is no guarantee that all the prescriptions will be completely error-free. Even though internet pharmacies do most of the processes electronically, there are chances for error and you should be ready for anything. Moreover, mail order pharmacies are so many in number and not all of them operate legally. Do not panic if you receive the wrong medication as it could a genuine error and one that can be easily resolved. Keep reading to see the common prescription mistakes and what you can do if it happens to you.

How often do online pharmacies make prescription mistakes?

The rate of prescription errors can vary from one pharmacy to another like few times a month or almost every day, but it is not possible to rule out this never happens. When ordering the prescription medication online it is not possible for the customer to check their purchase at the same time like with a brick-and-mortar drugstore. Instead, one has to wait to receive the delivery before checking if the order is right or not.

There are some common mistakes that online pharmacies are likely to make when you try to get prescription online. The usual mistakes involve providing the incorrect dosage strength or form. The active ingredient may be the same but may not be the brand name that you ordered. The rarer mistakes include getting the wrong drug or someone else’s prescription.

The customer can do certain things that can help prevent prescription errors. One way is to get the healthcare provider to link the prescription directly with the preferred online pharmacy. Scanning documents that contain illegible drug names may have the pharmacist confused. You could also connect with the customer support team online and clearly state the drug name and dosage, including the quantity that you wish to order.

What to do if the online drugstore has made a mistake with my prescription?

If there has been a prescription error with your order you do not have to panic as it is common and can happen to anyone. Be sure to check the online drugstore’s returns and refund policy so you can take the right route to getting the correct medication. Most places will not accept the return of medications once sold. If the error is on the part of the internet pharmacy, they will most likely refund the money or ship the correct medication to your address. Always check the product label, active ingredient, dosage, and such for all prescription medications. It is better to be safe than cause harm to one’s health by taking the wrong drug.