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Look of prescription pillsNowadays, this is a common query which is recorded in online pharmacies. Many people are coming up with the question about their pills. Many online websites including ours, healthprose.org deliver pills to the subscribed customers every month, which are different in shape and colour. This delivery of the different pills to the customers sometimes leads to confusion and worries amongst the customers. The customers assume that the company is delivering the wrong pill or doing any kind forgery. But the fact is not at all true. There are some reasons why the pills delivered are different.

What is the actual reason behind this?

The difference in the delivery of the pills does not depend on the company in any way. It is completely the decision of the manufacturing companies, which decides the shape, structure and colour of the pill. The pharmacy company who is delivering the product has no role to play in the look of the pills. They just deliver the pills according to the order of the customers. The different colour of the pills depends on the different manufacturers who take the responsibility of delivering the pills to the company. According to the Food and Drug Administration, no pharmacy company can copy the same label and colour of the other manufacturer; otherwise it may lead to the cancellation of the drug. This is the main reason why the manufacturing companies do not manufacture the same kind of pills, every time.

How do people react?

It is an obvious reason to worry if the pills in the prescription are different from those received. In such cases, the customers try to contact with the customer care but some websites do not even have a proper customer care service centre to serve the people. The particular strange drug can also be dangerous for the health of the customers as nothing can be concluded about the manufacturer from the pharmacy product. In such a situation, people tend to avoid the medication because they are not sure about the medication. If someone could understand, then also the labelling of the drug is going to lead some confusion. So a suggestion of a pharmacist is very important to maintain the trust in the customer-proprietor relationship.

What should the people learn to ensure safe intake of the drugs?

People should also learn some pharmacy measures by doing research over the internet. There are some particulars which need to be noted by the customers which remains same with the change in the shape and colour of the pill. Certain knowledge about the ingredients used in the medicine, will also help the customers to differentiate amongst many other drugs. If you gather such pharmaceutical knowledge, you will be able to make separate boxes for separate pills, which will avoid the mixing up of all the medicines and thus, will help to avoid confusion.