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WHY TRAMADOL STANDS OUT FROM REST OF OTHER PAIN RELIEVERPain is something that causes a sensation thus hurting the mind and body. Pain can stop you from doing things which you enjoy, it can affect your ability to concentrate on work and hence, it’s important for you to know and understand that pain should be treated as early as possible. Hence, Tramadol is a drug which can be used as a pain relief to treat severe or moderate pain. Tramadol works by forming a quick protective layer on the brain and central nervous system which usually respond to pain and reduces the sensation of pain. Due to this effect, upon taking a dose of the drug, people experience quick relief from pain in our body and that’s the reason why tramadol stands out from other drugs which do not provide such relief in quick time.

What precautions need to be taken while taking tramadol?

Before taking tramadol, there are certain things that you need to know about the drug. Tramadol comes in the form of a tablet as well as a capsule. It is available in many dosages and hence there are precautions which you need to follow while taking this drug which is as follows:

• A low dosage of the drug is usually taken with or without food in every 4-6 hours a day, depending upon the usage of the drug.
• High dosage of the drug can be taken with or without food only once in a day.
• Never break or crush the pill and drink it with water or milk.
• Try to take the prescribed dosage of the drug to experience its positive effects.

What should I know?

When you are prescribed with tramadol, make sure not to drink alcohol for at least 3-4 hours prior to taking the drug, because, this drug can have mixed effect when combined with alcohol. Tramadol can sometimes make you dizzy and hence, it is advisable not to drive or do any work which requires huge concentration like using machinery. Mothers’ breastfeeding their babies are not advised to take the drug without consulting the doctor because it can pass through the breast milk and can harm the baby. People who are under 16 years of age are not allowed to take this drug without doctor prescription. You should never try tramadol when some of your friends insist you to try it because it can cause serious side effects.

What to tell my doctor?

Before deciding to take help from your doctor, or to decide on what to tell or ask your doctor, you can ask some of these simple questions to yourself and try to find an answer, which might help your health care provider to move on the right track for your treatment. Those questions are: Where is the pain? What is the cause the pain? How long is the pain? How bad is your pain? Asking these 4 simple questions to yourself can really help you to describe your pain to your doctor and it can really help the doctor to fix the problem. Since the doctor cannot be able to feel or see your pain, it is your responsibility to make sure that he or she gets a clear understanding of what you are going through with the pain.

Your doctor may start on a lower dosage of the drug and then increase it depending on the condition of your pain. Hence, do not overdose tramadol without consulting your doctor because it may cause some serious side effects. The more you speak to your doctor about your pain, the more he/she can understand your pain and can help you.
Before opting for tramadol, make sure it is safe for you by telling your doctor if you had any history of the use of drug, history of alcohol or drug addiction, breathing problem, etc. so that your doctor can have a clear picture of your health and it can really help him to fix the dosage of the drug.

Concerns about getting addicted to it

Tramadol can offer relief from pain but remember that it will not treat the underlying cause of pain. Every individual’s body may differ from each other and hence, chances of getting addicted to a drug vary from person to person. Without knowing the possibility and without consuming the drug, do not get concern on whether you will get addict to it or not. Try to use the drug for about 2-3 weeks as prescribed by your physician, and if you feel that you are getting addicted to the drug, try to talk to your doctor, so that he/she can help you with an alternative. Do not take any drug without consulting your health care provider, since these drugs may cause serious side effects and can have a severe impact on your health.