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Why should you buy drugs from the online pharmacyonline pharmacy offers the wide range of products in a click of a button rather than visiting drug store. Online drug store provides a greater convenience and privacy in ordering drugs through online. Suppose if you are staying far from the drug store then you can order drugs from your house without driving a long way to the drug store. This saves your time and money. Moreover, purchasing drug through online is cheap and you can avail free home delivery.

Is it really cheap buying drugs through the online pharmacy?

Online pharmacy has great advantages which make them more superior than local drug stores. One major advantage is cheap medication. Based on the research, the price of the drug in online pharmacy is one-third when compared with the local drug store. This is possible because online pharmacies don’t have to pay taxes for commercial space and they don’t have to spend money to maintain the location.

Does online pharmacy give discounts?

Yes, online pharmacy gives discounts and offers when you make a repeated purchase through a specific website. The discount can be availed during your next purchase. Special offers are rolled out by online drug stores often.

Is prescription necessary to buy drugs from the online pharmacy?

No, you can buy drugs from the online pharmacy without a prescription. It is recommended to consult the doctor about your health issues so that you can know the required drug dosage before ordering them online.

How to find the reliable online pharmacy?

Buying drugs from a legitimate online pharmacy are necessary as it involves the quality of the product.  Are you looking for a legitimate online pharmacy to buy drugs? Well, you do your own research about the online pharmacy before choosing them. Your next question will be HOW? Here it is,

  • Check whether it is certified by US pharmacy association.
  • Check for the VIPPS symbol.
  • Verify whether it supplies genuine drugs.
  • Go through online pharmacy’s security and privacy policy.

Is it Legal in the US to purchase drugs online?

This question buzzes in everyone’s mind when they think of buying drugs online. The answer is YES, It is certainly legal in the US to purchase drugs through US-based online pharmacies that have been certified by NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy). NABP is a professional organization recognized by the FDA which verifies online pharmacy and certifies them. There is another organization known as Legit Script which verifies and approves only US-based online pharmacies.

Do online pharmacies ship drugs worldwide?

It is based on the retailer. We at healthprose ships the product worldwide but some pharmacies sells them only within their country. The product delivery depends on the location and the shipment type. The drug products will be packaged in a sealed bag so that they won’t get any damages.