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Prescription Medications OnlineOnline pharmacy is a great way of buying medications considering the number of advantages they have over brick-and-mortar drugstores. The top pharmacy that operates today asks for a medical script for the medication being purchased. This is very important for a number of reasons. Getting any prescription drugs online can be done safely by providing the Rx information to the pharmacy service provider.

Reasons why a prescription is required to order drugs online

If you do not have a Rx for the medicine you require and are wondering why a Rx is that important or needed then the following reasons can help you understand better:

  • Legality – Drugs that are approved for use as “Rx only” should be taken only with the script provided by the healthcare professional. It is illegal to be in possession of medication without being prescribed to take it.
  • Legitimate internet drug store – Reliable internet pharmacies that are verified usually ask for the Rx before filling your order. If you can buy the medication easily without a script then there is the risk of getting counterfeit products from bogus pharmacies. To avoid this from happening, it is better to choose an online drugstore that asks for a doctor script as it is considered to be safer.
  • Helps avoid spam sites – There are many spam sites on the Internet that offer extremely cheap medicine without a script. Most of them just do it to make easy money off of unsuspecting customers. An internet drugstore is genuine when it asks for the Rx and the prices of the pills are competitive.
  • Approved drugs – Prescriptions are usually provided only for FDA-approved drugs. It means that the product is effective and has passed the drug safety regulations. Using a doctor’s script to get medication is better than buying pills that have not been researched thoroughly or approved for use.
  • Ensures patient safety – People who consume pills without a Rx may not be taking the correct dosage or knowing how to take the medication. This can lead very serious side effects. Having a script means that the pill is meant only for your use for your illness.
  • Get the right pill – There are chances of receiving the wrong product if the script is not provided. You can be assured of getting the right medication by providing the correct Rx information to the web pharmacy.

Is it possible to buy drugs online without a prescription?

It is definitely possible to get prescription online even without holding a Rx for the pills. This is however not safe and also not legal in many countries. To avoid the pitfalls associated with purchasing pills without a medical script, one can choose healthprose as we provide virtual doctor service. This way you can get your symptoms checked and also receive a valid Rx online from a certified internet doctor. This can then be used to order your medication.