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Why Phentermine should be used only for 12 weeksMost doctors and medical experts acknowledge the significance of Phentermine in losing weight. Indeed, it does help in reducing weight by suppressing your hunger, but that’s not a healthy way to reduce weight, is it? Experts don’t recommend the use of the appetite-suppressant drug for a long term, as it may prove to be quite detrimental to your body, in the long term. The drug is intended to be exclusively used for short term. This is because Phentermine affects the user’s heart in various ways and can cause some adverse effects in the body. In addition to that, it is an addictive substance whose effectiveness decreases with time, since the body accustoms to its function and effects.

The drug is commonly found in a lot of online pharmacy stores. Thus, a lot of people tend to use it for longer than intended. The drug should be used only for 12 weeks and there should be at least 12 weeks gap before starting the course of therapy again.

Phentermine long term use- a study of evidence

The instances of Phentermine undergoing any systematic testing whatsoever for long-term use – in all the developmental and research stages are supposedly very limited. Indeed, through clinical trials, the observation for its positive effects and weight loss was ascertained only for short-term use. Hence, resources on its safety or efficiency for long-term use are quite scarce. Any study conducted on the drug was confined only for a period of 12 weeks. Thus, for any long terms side effect considerations to be made, doctors have to rely on the available anecdotal reports presented by individuals other than scientific data.

The Risk of Long-term Phentermine Use

To the statement of scientific tests done on humans , only certain customer reviews and medical reports that involve Phentermine abuse have given a gist of risks of long term use. Common risks include eyesight problems, high blood pressure, migraines and heart problems. Another adverse effect of long-term use is the aspect of drug dependency or addiction. Long-term users mostly take the drug, not for weight loss purposes, but to satisfy their drug cravings. As a result, the appetite-suppressant drug becomes less effective or they end up overdosing which can be fatal too.

For use after 12 weeks

Not everyone would experience considerable weight loss within 12 weeks. If Phentermine has to be continued after 12 weeks, there should be a 12-week gap between two courses. Why should there be a gap of 12 weeks? To understand this, one should know how this drug works. The drug interacts with the nervous system causing changes in brain chemicals. Naturally, the body gets accustomed to these changes by exhibiting certain symptoms like inability to sleep and feeling ‘wired’ and other effects – mood swings, dry mouth, nausea, anxiety, and depression. In order to avoid experiencing these effects, discontinuing the course of therapy for a short period is suggested by weight loss experts. During this period, the body is deprived of the medicinal ingredients of the pill in the blood stream, thereby getting rejuvenated to a greater extent.

Phentermine is the best weight loss supplement drug, which is available on the marked today. But, there are a lot of people who are undergoing withdrawal treatment because of the addiction. If misused, the drug can be fatal too. Thus, it is important to stick to the doctor’s instruction. To make sure that the drug works effectively within 12 weeks, diet and exercise should be continued during consumption of the drug and also after discontinuation. If you consider continuing after 12 weeks, you need to talk to your doctor about required gap and other information.