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There are many techniques in the world to treat erectile dysfunction but oral medications are always preferred especially over vacuum erection devices. The reason behind this is that it is easy to use and no need to strain.

Usage of vacuum erection devices and oral medications

oral meds for EDThe penis has to be inserted into the vacuum device. It is important to ensure that it is comfortable. There are two types on this device. First is operated manually and second is through battery.

When the device is pumped, it would increase the flow of blood to the penile area thus causing an erection. Once the genital region is fully erected you have to place the tension ring at the base so that the erection is maintained throughout the sexual intercourse.

There are many disadvantages in this technique. A man would feel uncomfortable while using it. Since the tension ring is placed at the base of the penis, ejaculation does not occur properly. Apart from these, it is not sure that a man would achieve erection through this pump.

Here, in case of oral medications you just have to pop up a pill. In this technique, sexual arousal is very much essential. It will trigger erection in a person and helps him to maintain it until he reaches the climax.

There will be no physical strain on the body and there is no big disadvantage of using it.

Convenience while using ED oral medications

It is not necessary to carry pump to wherever you go but can take few pills while travelling. There are ED medications like Cialis that once taken can provide effectiveness for the period of 36 hours.  A person when taking this pill need not worry about erectile dysfunction and whenever he is sexually aroused he will get an erection.

The rate of the pills is also very cheap that anyone in the world can easily procure it.

Success rate of ED medications

Men who use ED pills have a higher rate of success than those who use vacuum pump. Just with libido everything is possible with an ED pill. Vacuum pump is also very difficult for the usage and there is no guarantee for positive effects.

Even other techniques are quite hard and cause pain. This is the reason why 80% of the populations who suffer from erectile dysfunction want to use ED medications like Viagra.

Do you suffer from any ill effects due to ED pills?

There are slight chances for a man to suffer from side effects. However, they would be very minor and can be easily handled by a person. In case of severe effects, then consulting a doctor would be the solution.