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generic klonopinEvery one of us is a little bit anxious about something and this is a part of our life. But for a person with anxiety disorder, getting anxious does not produce fruitful results. With constant fear, the tension becomes an integral part of their life and does not wear off so easily. Clonazepam, in its generic form or under the brand formulation, Klonopin, is used in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Clonazepam is a central nervous system depressor, therefore, it reacts with the unbalanced chemicals in the human brain and provides stability, thus, lowering the anxiety and giving a feeling of calmness to a person in the process. Clonazepam or Klonopin is widely used as an anti-anxiety pill and it is widely prescribed by the physicians to the patients suffering from anxiety disorders. Recent reports have shown that people are going for the generic version of the drug rather than the brand formulation.

What are the differences between the generic and brand version of Klonopin?

To be truthful, there is no noted difference between the generic version of Clonazepam and its brand name. Benzodiazepines are regarded as one of the safest drugs with very little side effects if consumed properly, so, the generic version is as safe as the brand version of the medication. They are of complete bioequivalence to each other and are meant to produce similar types of effects on our body. The minor differences are the inactive ingredient that is added to the brand formulation. In the brand formulation of Clonazepam, inactive ingredients like Klonopin lactose, magnesium stearate, corn starch and artificial colorant are added. Although the generic and brand versions are meant to have no difference in terms of safety and bioavailability, but minor differences are witnessed by some, due to the addition of the inactive ingredients. Since the human physiology varies from one person to another, the effects of this inactive ingredient also vary from person to person. Some find the Klonopin brand to be more effective than its generic counterpart, as the inactive ingredients are believed to increase the rate of absorption the Clonazepam in the body.

Why most of the people prefer the generic version of Klonopin over brand Klonopin?

Anxiety disorder is a serious problem to deal with. It creates a problem in both our personal and professional lives, so, it should never be neglected. If you are witnessing anxiety problems or panic attacks, then you should immediately consult your doctor and start the treatment. Now it has been seen over years that people who are on Clonazepam dosage tend to choose the generic version over its brand formulation. Now to be very clear, there are no serious reasons like the ineffectiveness or safety issues of brand version involved in it. This tendency is there, due to the difference in prices between the generic and brand versions. When a brand is involved in the manufacturing process of any drug, the market value of the medicine automatically increases. But one can avail the generic version at a much lower price and can enjoy the effects of the brand version.