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Alcohol and ambienAmbien is naturally used as a sedative or as a hypnotic. Physiological effects of ambien are mainlyeuphoria and hallucinations. The hallucination effects may increase if taken in large amounts. The effects of snorting ambien are even more dangerous. Many people try to mix alcohol while consuming ambien just to become high and get a pleasurable feeling. This practice is indeed very dangerous to human health and may even prove to be fatal.

What are the common effects of mixing Ambien and alcohol?

It is a proven fact that human beings like to get high as it provides a content feeling. In people who have addiction problems or a previous history of drug abuse, often try to mix Zolpidem with alcohol to simply enhance the effects of Ambien. In the cases reported, the common effects of ambien and alcohol on a human body are: drowsiness, clumsiness, the feeling of well being, relaxation, poor motor nerve functions, hallucinations, memory loss and sleep walking. From the above mentioned examples, it is clear to us that mixing ambien with alcohol is not safe, especially when a person is trying to do anything else than just sleep. Zolpidem interacts with the ethanol present in liquor to produce an enhanced effect on our brain and body. Although the euphoria or the feeling of being relaxed is pleasant, it can also be harmful.

What are the potential dangers of mixing Zolpidem with alcohol?

Irrespective of what good feeling it gifts, ambien and alcohol when combined, surely takes a lot from a person too. The highest price that one can pay for mixing zolpidem with alcohol is death. This is mainly because, when both of these are combined, then the effect gets intensified. Apart from the effects like drowsiness, memory loss, some dangerous side effects that can be caused by this mixture are breathing problems, and coma. It should be noted that ambien can add to the effects of alcohol. Alcohol by its nature is a sedative itself; it makes a person drowsy and lightheaded. So, drinking while on ambien dosage causes poor concentration, coordination problems and may even increase the risks of accident. The effects are not bound to these limits only; it may provoke a person to do unnatural and dangerous things without being fully aware of. The zolpidem-ethanol mixture indulges people in driving, cooking and even having sex without even knowing what’s happening. Over-dosage of ambien and alcohol mixture can cause death. As the impaired motor functions and increased likelihood of doing most bizarre things, it is even dangerous to drink while on a normal dosage of zolpidem tablets.

My friend tells me that it is safe to drink alcohol 8 hours after taking Ambien, Is he right?

The answer is always a no. Taking Zolpidem tablets with alcohol simply enhances the actions of both the hypnotics. Doctors strictly ask their patients to never drink while on ambien dosage. It is also not recommended to take Ambien pills in the morning and drink at night, as the Zolpidem lasts in our blood stream for a long time. To everyone, life is a precious gift and we should not dishonour this gift only to achieve some momentary pleasures.