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why is adderall considered as the best cognitive enhancer?Adderall is one of the many cognitive enhancers that you can find in the market. When you want to boost your capabilities, increase your focus and productiveness, this pill comes into the scene. How do we know that Adderall is the best in the market? This article will review the drug on various parameters to prove that Adderall is the best.

Effects of the drug

Adderall is a common ADHD drug that is used for increasing focus of the user. People use it off the label for activating the adrenergic system. This increases the heart rate, leads to higher energy levels, enhances concentration, increases blood pressure and boosts attention.

Adderall is perfect for those who want to handle a stressful situation. It increases serotonin level and dopamine level in your blood making you more productive, satisfied and happy. These elements will motivate you to perform, even better.

Above all these, Adderall is also used as a weight loss medication. It increases focus on work, decreases appetite and also increases dopamine. Thus, you would not feel the urge to eat a lot. In the long term, this would help you to reduce intake of junk food and thereby decreases your weight. The drug also stimulates a certain part of the brain which would enhance many skills in you.

Cons of the drug

This article will not focus on just sugar coating the drug for you. Adderall is not a miracle drug. There are certain side effects, allergic reactions, and others. Substance abuse is very common in Adderall. People tend to overuse the drug to increase productivity. However, the body needs time to get back to normal phase. If the normal phase is never allowed to be reached, it would cause a high level of excitatory symptoms on your brain and cause other problems. The common side effects include problems related to sleeping, appetite, anxiety and heart rate.

Comparison with other cognitive enhancers

While comparing with other cognitive enhancers, the incidence of side effects is less. It is actually a better pill in many cases because when it wears off, it causes less severe side effects. The drug can be used even in children who are very young, typically over the age of 3. The side effects are not very severe, though. The common side effects are a headache, restlessness, weight loss and dry mouth.


Given the fact that Adderall is effective in increasing concentration, focus, ability, motor skills, productivity, and motivation, this is a very effective cognitive enhancer. However, this is only for a short term use. The people who use it for a long time would experience more dangerous problems. Starting from serious side effects to chronic problems, the benefits of the drug may not outweigh the risk of the drug. But if you are looking for a performance booster for a day or a week, Adderall is the best drug. If you want to take it for a longer time period, talk to your doctor. He will take various factors into consideration like weight, age, gender, medical history, medical condition and a list of drug you use currently and only then suggest if long term use is suitable for you or not.

Based on the verdict, it is easily understood that Adderall is a useful drug which should not be misused. Misusing this drug can lead to serious side effects or addiction that can even lead to death. For instance, sudden death has been reported in those who used Adderall with very high blood pressure and severe heart problems. In short, before you buy the drug from any Canadian online pharmacy, firstly get a medical opinion from a doctor and secondly, do not share the drug with anyone. Lastly, do not use it off-label if you have any life-threatening medical condition. Other than these limitations, Adderall has a lot of advantages and can promote smartness and productivity easily. Thus, it is the best cognitive enhancer of recent times.