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Why I prefer codeine over other pain relief pillsThere are many instances when I experienced extremely severe pain and was clueless about not knowing what to do. Indeed, the pain relief which I was taking till then didn’t offer me the much-needed reprieve. As a football player, I get injured very often in the field. Though I used to get instant relief through pain relief sprays, it was difficult for me to overcome pain in the long run. And, that’s where my real challenge was. Perhaps, I have tried taking many pain relief pills, but the relief wasn’t comprehensive. This forced me to research extensively on pain relief pills that are effective in controlling pain and that’s where I got to know about Codeine. I took the time to glance through the reviews for the pill. Much to my delight all the reviews were positive and hence I decided to undergo a course of therapy with the medication. I was in high hopes given its opioid properties. I started taking the pill twice a day, one in the morning and other during the night time. In fact, I experienced good relief on the first day of treatment itself. The relief was sustained in nature.

What about the nature of pain relief?

Sportspersons and those enduring pain as a result of minor injuries can experience complete pain relief from codeine. However, in those with extremely critical medical complications, pain relief can be extraordinary provided if it is taken round-the-clock. Given its habit forming properties, the medication should be administered under doctor’s supervision. This is especially for individuals reeling under unbearable pain and for whom round-the-clock administration of the medicine is extremely critical. This is a medicine recommended only for oral administration, and should only be taken through the mouth. As far as my observation goes, one can experience relief from pain within 30 minutes after taking the pain relief medication. The uniqueness of codeine is the duration of positive effects in the body. It is estimated that the effects last for about six hours. The peak effects are observed within two hours from the time of administering the pill. Codeine is one amongst the pain relief pill which it made it to the list of medications required in a basic health system. Ever since its discovery in the year 1832, the use of medication has gained prominence. However, at a later point in time, I came to know about its other medical uses like that of treating cough and diarrhea.

Does the intake pattern of codeine vary from other pain relief drugs?

Even I was haunted by the same question. The intake pattern as such doesn’t vary with other drugs. However, I was told to follow certain instruction while taking codeine. It is vital to take the medication in the prescribed dosage strength as advised by the doctor. Since codeine has the potential to slow down the breathing process caution has to be exercised while taking the pill. I would suggest pain afflicted individuals not to take the drug along with milk or any other liquid supplements, as it has the potential to upset the stomach. An intake of six to eight full glasses of water is highly essential whilst taking the pain relief pill. If you have been taking the pill for a long period of time, do not stop taking the pill suddenly. This is to stay protected against the withdrawal symptoms. Since Codeine is a drug that can be easily abused, never opt to recommend the pill for young adults. In my opinion, it is possible to minimize the onset of side effects if doctor’s prescription is strictly followed.