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Multivitamin tablets with XenicalXenical is a medication that helps a person to lose excess weight from the body. The drug is known to work by inhibiting the fats being absorbed by the body. A healthcare professional would have certain guidelines while taking Xenical and one among it is taking multivitamin tabs. The reason is that the medication might interfere with the Vitamins that one consumes while on treatment.

How Xenical helps a person to lose weight?

When a Xenical pill is taken, the ingredients in this drug would block the enzymes present in the gut which is responsible for digesting fat. More than 25% of the fat that a person consumes is blocked by the pill. When the fat is undigested, this would not be absorbed by the body and gets passed out through faeces.

Generally, Xenical would be prescribed to be taken thrice in a day with each meal. If the diet does not contain any fat then you need not have to take this medication for that particular meal.

How vitamin rich diet and multivitamin tablets help in weight loss?

The protein, carbohydrates and fat should be evenly divided and consumed. Make sure that you take enough vitamins and nutrition for the body. Avoid the intake of food that contains more than 30% fat in it.

Your plate should contain healthy foods like grains, vegetables, and fruits. When Xenical is taken, it would stop the absorption of some fat-soluble vitamins in the body as well as beta carotene. Hence, a doctor would suggest a person who is on this weight loss treatment to take multivitamin pills daily that contains vitamins like A, D, E, K and carotene. Choose the right multivitamin drug and take it once in a day either two hoursprior or after taking Xenical drug.  People can also take the pill at bedtime too.

What would happen when Xenical is not taken?

Weight loss is very much important but it is also equally essential to do it right. When a body does not contain enough vitamins then it would lead to many ill effects. Each type of vitamin is responsible for doing its own duties. It takes care right from skin, organs and the health.

If the person who is on Xenical treatment didn’t get any vitamins then there are chances for him or her to get affected by various ailments. This will be like, even after losing weight and achieving the looks that you always wanted for, the irony will be that you would get affected by any condition. So, to avoid these issues it is important to consult with a doctor and take multivitamin pills as instructed.