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Why are doctors so concerned about provigil abuseThe makers of Provigil designed this pill with a noble intention of providing assistance to children who are suffering from the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) syndrome. But down the line, this pill came to spotlight for many of its super powers in improving cognition abilities. So why did this become a concern for doctors and parents alike? Due to this power of Provigil, it grew to be the most highly abused pill of recent times and many young students started constantly rely on it which paves way for addiction. When adults use a pill they are mostly aware of the pros and cons of using a pill and also the proper ways to use it. But when a child uses pills like this on their own, these pills can become a weapon of destruction. Addiction and abuse at a young age not just tampers with the mental balance but it can have a long-term effect in future of that child. The physical and mental development of a child can also get obstructed in such situations.

What marks the beginning of Provigil abuse?

Provigil containing the active ingredient modafinil actually works on the central nervous system of the body, to smoothen the disturbances in the brain of an ADHD child. The biggest problem with ADHD is that the child suffering from it would be unable to focus on one task for a long time, which means, they have difficulty with their attention span. So pills like this would help them to focus better and concentrate on the task at hand. This relatively eases the tension in performing their day to day tasks. But this same capability of Provigil became a potential danger these days. Surprisingly Provigil also improves the cognition abilities of a healthy individual when he/she ingests the pill. So it started getting the reputation as a smart drug because many people were able to perform better with it. There are many chronicles on the internet explaining how they took modafinil to increase their productivity at work or how they were able to crack their interview with ease.

This slowly crept into the student world with many young students starting to relish the drug and also use it to perform better in their exams. In today’s competitive world everyone wants to get ahead faster in life. So when youngsters start using the pills there is always a reason for concern. Although Provigil has a very beneficial effect, when one uses it for a longer duration or in a heavier dose the body will start depending on the medicine which marks the beginning of abuse. They have been many reported cases of abuse and addiction on Provigil. Most of these kids order the pill from online pharmacies so they can use them before their exams.

Is it wrong to use smart drugs?

Some people say it is unfair to rely on drugs like this to improve the performance before it gives them an upper hand over other. Some might even call such people lazy and ambitionless. But other people argue that in their journey to personal perfection a smart drug like this can play a major role. But at this point it is not a question of morality it’s merely a question of safety. People can choose what they want as long as they are safe. But when children are involved in it, it’s a totally different ball game altogether. So in the long-run, it is not good for a youngster to this pill solely because of its potential for abuse. Parents must keep a tab on their children’s activities to prevent any unfortunate incidents from happening. They can also regulate or monitor the internet usage of their children so they cannot order drugs from internet pharmacies.