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security of patient informationThe regulations that apply to the brick and mortar pharmacies also apply for the online pharmacies. The regulatory authority is mainly operated by the state board of pharmacy where a drugstore is located physically. Most states also protect their people by licensing out of state drugstores which ship drugs to people in the respective jurisdictions. There are many federal agencies that also partner with the state board of pharmacies and they are FDA, DEA. The food and drugs administration usually regulates sites that are located overseas.

NABP however does not regulate online pharmacy website, yet it has a firm control over the working of state boards of pharmacies and also the federal agencies. NABP assists regulatory agencies in monitoring and investigating those drugstores that operate illegitimately by offering inspector training programs and also leads the VIPPS to report suspicious sites if any.


Aren’t the sites on the internet too large to be monitored or controlled?

No, it is not actually difficult to maintain. The regulatory authorities of state boards of pharmacy and also the NABP including the federal agencies and the medical community have been working from years together to monitor and control drug websites.


Can I get cheap prices from authentic online pharmacies?

Yes, you can definitely get cheap prices if you purchase meds from legitimate online drugstores. There are many pharmacies that compare their prices with others and offer drugs for low rates. Also, a lot of online pharmacies do accept insurance coverage for prescription medicines that could benefit you greatly.


Can I get cheap prices from pharmacies that are based outside US?

FDA prohibits the importation of foreign made prescription medicines that are available in the US commercially. The safety and efficacy of prescription drugs online could not be guaranteed. Also, some medicines are stored in certain conditions that hamper the potency of the drugs. So to get cheap prices for drugs from drugstore based on overseas is actually not safe and merely difficult.


Is it wrong to use a site to get Viagra or Xenical?

FDA has full control regarding the distribution of medicines and allows the sale of drugs only for prescriptions. This is because, in certain situations, it can be dangerous to not take medicines without getting doctor’s consultations. Also, most of the regulatory authorities and other professional organizations consider online prescribing to be unprofessional. In some states, it is even considered illegal if it is not done through a proper patient-prescriber relationship which has included examining the patient in person. Just completing an online questionnaire does not entirely establish a valid relationship between the patient and the prescriber. If you have not been examined physically, you would not be receiving appropriate medications which actually worsen an underlying medical condition.