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Online medical facilitators in an online pharmacy would check the prescription and would provide the medication that is required. There are so many things that you have to know about medical facilitators online.

No prescription No medication

Online medical facilitatorsThere are many online pharmacies that would let you order medications online even though the person does not have a prescription. But, an online medical facilitator would not do this. They won’t provide the drugs unless and until they verify the medical script.

Do not go about skipping the process of doctor consultation just because you have to pay for a prescription or need to wait for a longer period in the queue. Avoiding this step is definitely a big mistake for your health condition.

No generic pills

Many online pharmacies claim that they offer generic Viagra pills but the reality is that there is no such variant available for the medication. This is because of the patent that it holds until 2020. Not only for this drug, counterfeit online pharmacies would sell so called generic variants for the medications that still has a patent.

An online medical facilitator would never provide these kinds of pills. They stick to offer brand drugs in this case.

Cheap rate for medications

Mail order pharmacies throw so many offers for the medications. They say you can get Xanax which is an anti-anxiety drug at a rate of $2 per pill. There is no possibility for a site to offer pills at such cheap rate. You can understand from this that, the drugs would be counterfeit.

It is not possible for a person to get cheap medications from an online medical facilitator though they sell at competitive rates.

Collaboration with approved US drug manufacturers

Online Medical facilitators would only have collaboration with approved Pharmaceuticals by the FDA. Once they verify the prescription they would deliver the medications that are sourced from these places to the customer address.

Even when there is no stock of the medication they make sure that they source only from approved pharmaceuticals.

How to contact online medical facilitators?

You have to use an online site to contact with the medical facilitators. They are just for checking the prescription and providing the medication. If you do not have a medical script then they would not be prescribed by them.

They are not doctors or qualified enough to give a prescription to the patients hence they would not be doing it.

What would happen if your prescription is not genuine?

If the prescription that you provided is not genuine or it got expired then there is no good chance for you to get the medication of your choice. They would reject your prescription. Always they will check the source from which this medication came. At times, they would also call the doctor and enquire about the patient’s need. This is for some medications that possess high risk when taken by patients those who are without a prescription.

Hope you came to knew so much about online medical facilitators and we guess it was useful.