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Which Drug To Take For Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction (ED) in men is a type of impotence that is being diagnosed more often of late due to various factors. Persons who have this condition find it difficult to achieve and maintain the erection during sexual intercourse. This problem has an enormous setback on the person’s self-esteem and relationships with partners. Receiving the right treatment is essential in improving the affected person’s sexual wellness. The treatments available for ED range from hormone therapy, drugs, herbal supplements purported to boost sexual prowess, yoga, and other natural techniques. Every person responds to therapy differently and finding the right course of treatment may be puzzling. The easiest and a relatively safest way to treat the problem is to opt for medications, as there are ED drugs that can specifically aid in developing a penile erection and they have relatively mild side effects.

Prior to opting for drugs to overcome the condition of ED, it is important to make the correct diagnosis by visiting a healthcare practitioner. The problem of impotency may be either physical or psychological. Physically, the person may not be able to achieve an erection due to hormonal troubles, other health conditions like diabetes, lifestyle choices like excessive smoking and drinking that reduces the libido, and from side effects of drugs. Psychological impotence is when men are unable to perform due to thoughts and feelings that stem from the mind and not from the physical incapacity to engage in sexual intercourse. Perhaps, many men feel a loss of self-esteem when this happens and it also affects their relationships with their partners. Shedding any awkwardness and seeking professional help is the way forward to treating the problem of ED.

How drugs can help treat ED

There are a number of medications available for treating ED. The drugs that have shown to possess higher efficacy over the others have a similar drug mechanism. They work by stimulating and increasing the blood flow to the penis, which then helps to achieve and maintain an erection. The drugs are considered to be PDE5 inhibitors, and they relax the muscles of the walls of arterial blood vessels. By doing so, the drugs increase the blood flow to other parts of the body, thereby aiding in penile erection. The effectiveness of these ED pills can be experienced only with sexual stimulation, which is required to achieve an erection. The metabolism and drug capacity of each person varies, because of which the ideal drug and dosage can be determined best by a trial and error basis. The minimum dosage can be taken at first and then increased gradually based on the person’s response. Understanding how the drug works in your system can help to determine which one may be best suited for you.

Top 3 Drugs That Work To Overcome ED

Of the many ED drugs available in the market today, three of them stand out as they are efficient, have only mild side effects, and have shown positive results in many people. Knowing a little about each drug can help you to decide which drug could be your ally in overcoming ED. They are as follows:

  1. Viagra – this drug was the very first impotence pill that helped many men to get treated for their sexual problems. Available as the generic Sildenafil, the drug has an onset of action of about thirty minutes and its effects last for around five hours.
  2. Cialis – this is the brand name for the drug Tadalafil. It can be taken once a day, has a fast drug onset time of fifteen to twenty minutes and lasts for up to eighteen hours on average.
  3. Levitra – available as the brand of the drug Vardenafil, it works similar to Sildenafil. Levitra can be taken without being affected by any food or alcohol, which makes it an effective drug for people with other health conditions.

Precautions While Taking ED Medication

Impotency drugs work by combining with the natural nitric oxide produced by the body when there is sexual stimulation. If the person is taking other drugs that consist of nitrates, then they could interact with ED pills to results in dangerous side effects. It is also recommended not to take the drugs along with alcohol, grapefruit, or grapefruit juice. In the case of severe adverse reactions like a major drop in blood pressure, vision loss, tingling, numbness and chest pain, seek emergency medical attention without delay. Impotency drugs are safe to take and help many men to overcome ED.