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erectile dysfunction by ageA man would get affected by erectile dysfunction no matter what age group he belongs to. However, the severity of the medical condition and the root cause would vary from one person to another.

Men who belong to 20’s

Men at this age would suffer from temporary erectile dysfunction in general. But there are certain situations in which this condition is triggered. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Stress
  • Using drugs recreationally
  • Obesity
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Excessive smoking
  • Anxiety

It is essential to address the condition at the initial phase itself.

Men who belong to 30’s

This is the period at which a man would be comfortable in bed but unfortunately, this is also the same phase at which a man would be much stressed. Most of the men get married at 30’s, get children and have burden to be successful at their career.

These aspects would directly have an impact on the health and causes erectile dysfunction. In this phase a man would suffer from obesity, diabetes or other health condition. If these medical conditions are the underlying reason behind ED then it is essential to treat those ailments first in order to improve the overall health.

Men who belong to 40’s

Nearly forty percentages of the people who belong to this age group would suffer from impotency. Those who suffer from ED are at high risk of getting affected by conditions like heart issues or diabetes. Hence people at this age should take tests to find the status of their condition.

Erectile dysfunction medication like Viagra, Levitra or Cialis would be prescribed for this age group. Following the instructions of the health care professional will help a man to handle the issue properly.

Men who belong to 50’s

When the age increases the possibility of getting affected by erectile dysfunction also increases. However, there is good news for men belonging to this age group and that is, getting ED is not directly linked to heart condition. People at this age should change their lifestyle from inactive to active. Adding exercise and healthy diet to their routine would be better.

Men who belong to 60’s

The rate of men suffering from erectile dysfunction is higher at this age. A man should have testosterone level between 300 to 1200 Nano grams per deciliters of the blood. When the rate gets dropped below 200 it is seriously a big issue. A doctor would give medications to increase the testosterone levels.

Men who belong to 70’s

Though half of the men report that they indulge in sexual activity, the sexual desire is actually decreased at this age. Testosterones replacement therapy or mild dosage strength of erectile dysfunction medications can be taken.

Men who belong to 80’s

People at this age group suffer from different situations that affect their sexual functionality.

  • They would have lost their partner
  • Loss of interest in sex
  • Lower sexual satisfaction

Compared to the men with low age, older men are the most affected by erectile dysfunction. People who belong to 40’s and 50’s would be highly stressed due to attention on child growth and leaving the home, disabilities of their parents and much more. It is essential to get guidance from the right source and get treated to avoid worsening of the medical ailment.