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Hair loss is an annoying medical condition that negatively impaWhat would be the maximum time period required to control hair loss with Propeciacts the appearance of an individual. There are millions of men battling hair loss condition. The causes are plenty. Change in lifestyle and unbearable levels of stress are considered to be the prime cause of hair loss. The irony is that despite taking numerous medications men couldn’t control hair loss. Perhaps, this can be due to ineffective medications. With the right hair loss hair pill, hair loss can be completely controlled in three to four months depending. One such hair loss medication is Propecia. Finasteride is the active ingredient of the pill indicated for treating male pattern baldness. I got to know about this pill in the very recent past. Perhaps, that too after an accidental encounter with one of my old colleague. Those days, a major portion of his head was bald. Indeed, he was trying his luck with many medications. Unfortunately, nothing worked out well. This resulted in extreme disappointment. At one point of time, he opted to undergo surgery for growing his hair. Given his financial instability, he couldn’t proceed ahead with it. After long years when I met him recently, I was so surprised. His head was no more a shining surface. Indeed, hair concentration was extremely high. I went ahead in prodding further for which he replied taking Propecia hair loss pill. It was so tremendous. He confessed that it took two months for him to regrow the hair.

How should I decide on my course of therapy with Propecia?

The duration of the course of therapy and the subsequent dosage strength should be decided by the hair loss expert. Perhaps, this is inferred upon taking medical history into consideration. The ideal dosage strength recommended by the doctor is 1mg. However, the dosage strength can be increased up to 2mg totally depending on the response. Individuals should not act on their own prerogative whilst decide on the dosage strength. In some individuals, there is a possibility of the adverse reaction being triggered in the body and hence caution should be exercised. In individuals with excessive baldness, the course of therapy should be initiated with an increased dosage strength, most preferably with Propecia 2mg pills. However, one should identify the exact cause of hair loss. In some cases, hair loss can be because of an underlying medical ailment. At such cases, use of Propecia is not recommended. On another hand, if the cause of hair loss is due to an anomaly in the scalp region Propecia can be taken.

Does Propecia causes side effects?

Yes. Propecia does cause side effects in the body when it is overdosed or at instances when the drug is administered in a dosage strength that isn’t tolerable in the body. And, that’s why doctor’s consultation becomes extremely important under such circumstances. The other chance of side effect is during when the medication is taken along with liquid supplements that have the potential to trigger a counter-reaction in the body. The possible side effects are impotence, dizziness, headache, rash in skin, swelling of breasts, hand and feet and abnormal ejaculation. There is an increased possibility of sexual side effects upon withdrawing the medication. Hence, never opt for a sudden withdrawal so as to stay protected against the risk of side effects. Do not take the pill for a very long period of time. One can easily figure out the effectiveness of the medication well within the first few months of the treatment. Also never co-administer the medication along with other drugs. At instances of experiencing side effects for a longer period of time, consult the doctor.