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ambien dosageAmbien is prescribed for use in patients with insomnia as the drug’s sedative and hypnotic effects work very well in overcoming sleep problems. In order to benefit from the therapeutic effects of the drug, it is recommended to follow the complete dosage instructions provided by the healthcare provider for best results. Insomnia as a condition can affect the person both physically and mentally in many ways, and it is essential that the drug be taken right. Get to know the dosing information for adults below.

What is the Ambien dosage for adults?

It is available in the dosage strengths of 5mg and 10mg immediate release pills, and 6.25mg and 12.5mg extended release capsules. The dosages recommended for use in adults is different for both men and women. The initial dose that is recommended for women is 5mg, while for men it may be either 5mg or 10mg. The dosage can be modified according to the response to the medication with the help of the healthcare provider. The maximum dose advised in a day is 10mg. Only the single dose should be taken as needed right before bedtime as the drug induces sleep quickly.

Women tend to clear medication slower from the system than men. Hence, the risk of next morning impairment is higher in women. Always taken Ambien only when there is adequate sleep time of at least seven to eight hours.

What is the recommended course duration for Ambien?

The sleep aid Ambien may be ideally taken for three to four weeks in the right dosage according to the severity of the problem. The drug is useful in regulating the sleep-wake cycle. During the course of this medicine, the cause of the insomnia issue should be suitably treated. It is ideal to incorporate alternate treatment methods to sleep better so that it is easier to get off this drug at the end of the course. Prolonged use of the sleep medication can quickly build tolerance in the user. Take suitable precautions, watch out for potential side effects, and take the med as directed.

What are the risks of taking higher Ambien doses and for longer?

The medicine should, under all circumstances, be used only by complying with the dosage information. The schedule IV non-benzodiazepine drug has properties for which this medication has to be taken in the dosage and for the duration prescribed only. Modifying this on your own or not following the instructions can have harmful repercussions. For one, the continued use of the drug can quickly build tolerance and higher dosages may be required in order to feel the effects. Prolonged use also contributes to drug dependence over Ambien, which makes it difficult to discontinue the medication without experiencing withdrawal symptoms and requiring additional treatment for this. All these effects can even lead to addiction and abuse. It is possible to avoid all these complications by taking Ambien only as prescribed by the healthcare provider.