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Prescription Drugs Online PaymentYou may have purchased prescription drugs online many times but all of a sudden the payment does not go through and you receive the message that your bank has blocked the transaction. This problem is not just unique to you but a number of other buyers experience it too. Credit cards are the preferred mode of payment by many when using an online pharmacy. However, not being able to get the medication you need can cause all kinds of havoc with regard to choosing an alternate payment method, delay in the delivery, or finding another place to place the order from. There is no need to panic if your transaction does not get processed with your credit card as you always have other options available.

Why certain credit card payments do not go through when buying prescription drugs online?

The trouble with the credit card payments at online pharmacies started when major banking services providers allied with Centre for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CISP) to ensure that online pharmacy shopping is safe for the users. The problem is that CISP rejects online pharmacies that are located outside the US and considers them unsafe. There are many safe and legal online pharmacies that are operational internationally but access to them is cut off with the credit card restriction. Moreover, CISP considers drugs made outside the US as unsafe as they are not FDA-approved. This can be a real problem as the drugs are passed by the federal agencies of that particular country and probably the packaging is also different, and does not by default make them unsafe. Credit payments are rejected by banks when they feel that the overseas internet pharmacy is an unsafe one according to their CISP guidelines, though the online drugstore may be very safe.

Other payment options that can be used in online pharmacies

Fortunately, there are other payment methods that can be used when using an online pharmacy. If the credit card payment does not go through, try using a debit card. Western Union and other money transfer services are also good options. See if the mail order pharmacy offers payment processing with PayPal. If that does not work, you can always write the place a check though this may take longer than usual to process the order and receive it. If the internet pharmacy is flexible enough you may be able to get Cash on Delivery (COD) for your order. There is a flexibility to choose any payment method that works for you. If you still want to use only credit card payments, find an alternate online pharmacy where your bank will not block the payment process.