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price of getting online prescriptionsThe method of online doctor prescription has been recently introduced in the market for serving the convenience of people. People hardly get any time to go to the doctor for check-ups or to the retail shops and purchase their medicines in such a busy life schedule. Thus, they prefer the online pharmacies for getting a prescription as well as for purchasing the medications. These drug stores have various kinds of services for their customers. There a number of medications, which according to the Food and Drug Administration cannot be provided to the customers, without a proper prescription. In many cases, the customers do not have a prescription which does not allow them to purchase the medication they need. But now, there is no need to worry as the medications store arranged all the services for their customers. They have a number of appointed doctors who are there to guide the customers regarding different health issues. However, many people are confused whether the process charges any fee or it is a free service. They take a certain charge, which is not included in the fee of the doctor.

What is the charge for getting an online prescription from a qualified doctor?

The doctors appointed by the online pharmacies which provide suggestions to the customers are very qualified. Most of the time, people tend to choose an online checkup after gathering enough information about the doctor. In this case, the popularity of the doctor matters a lot for attracting customers. Thus, it can be easily concluded that the charges of such doctors will be much higher. Such doctors can provide you a legal prescription, which you can link with the drugstoreĀ to purchase the no-prescription medications. If you want to ensure complete satisfaction regarding the online consultation, you will have to pay a high charge. The charge imposed by most of the companies is about $13, which is quite high. This is the safer way to get an online script for your medications.

What is another way of getting an online prescription?

There is also another way to get an online prescription. If you have already consulted with your doctor but do not have a prescription or if you have lost it, you can also get an online prescription through the online pharmacy. You just need to log in to the website and opt for the questionnaire. Questionnaires consist of a set of medical questions by the website to ensure complete satisfaction regarding the health of the customers. If all the questionnaires are answered correctly by the customer, the particular medication can be provided along with a prescription slip by the company. A certain amount of charge such as $5 to $6 is also applied for the prescription which the customer has to pay during the checkout.