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situational erectile dysfunctionSituational erectile dysfunction refers to the situation when men occasionally experience difficulty in getting and maintaining erection. The major cause for situational ED can be stress, fatigue, unhealthy sexual relationships and high intake of alcohol. Unlike Erectile Dysfunction, situational ED is a short term disease also called as Short term ED. This problem can also be psychological! As we grow our need for sex may not grow.

Erectile dysfunction is caused due to various different diseases along with different factors relating to lifestyle. This issue is mainly caused due to stress, hypertension, fatigue, or high alcoholand is considered as a temporary disease. Quite a few doctors don’t consider this issue as a disease as it is temporary in nature and can occur due to changing psychological needs! It is also said that every man experiences this problem.

Simple logic can be applied when talked about Situational or Short term ED is that if one is able to have a sexual intercourse in some situations and in some he cannot, then it cannot be termed as a disease or incapability. If a man has problem getting erected for more than 20% of the time he has had sex, this confirms Situational ED.

Medicines should be taken to fix this problem. The reasons for the problem can be known by looking into the patient’s medical history and lifestyle and compared with the lifestyle, he is living, currently. The erections vary from time to time; younger men may experience anxiety for their first experience and older men, due to aging or stress can face problem in maintaining erection, for longer time.

In this fast developing world comes stress and fatigue! It leads to high intake of alcohol. Stress at work and being unable to compete can send negative vibes to brain, which can also be a big reason for erectile dysfunction. Long hours on work can lower desire for sex, inviting relationship troubles.

Treating Situational Erectile dysfunction

This problem can be cured by changing rather turning to healthier lifestyle. One can make choices of continuing whatever that makes him happy, as a happy body and soul leads to happy sexual life. Few prescriptions advised by doctors include

  • Living positively with a healthy diet reducing intake of alcohol and smoking.
  • Living a stress free life, opting exercise which reduces stress.
  • Consulting a doctor, seeking help and starting with drugs for the same Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.
  • Communicate the problem you are facing with the one you trust and your partner. Ignoring it won’t help! Instead, it would increase stress and anxiety and worsen the situation.

Effectiveness of oral medications for the treatment of Situational ED

Oral drugs have found to be effective in curing Situational ED and they include Viagra, Avanafil, Levitra and Cialis. Usage of these pills can be done upon advised by the doctor. The effectiveness of these drugs varies! Viagra is effective for 4 hours when taken empty stomach, one hour before sex. Whereas Avanafil needs to be taken 15-30 minutes before with or without food and is effective for 5 hours. Levitra, on another hand, can be taken one hour before sexual intercourse and is effective up to 7 hours. Cialis is considered to be long lasting as its effect lasts for 36 hours and can be taken one or two hours prior to sex.

Occasional failure of getting an erection or losing erection in middle of sexual activity can be Situational Erectile dysfunction. It is found mostly in middle aged men, ranging from 40-70! However, with growing stress levels, this dysfunction is seen in 50% of the men and is stated that this might increase with time.