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Canadian Online Pharmacy with CIPA sealThanks to the advent of internet technologies, shopping for medicines has been much easier than what it was earlier. However, in the joy of purchasing medicines from your comfort place and at your convenience, do not forget the necessary things you need to be certain about. And those are about the authenticity of a Canadian pharmacy. Yes, it is very crucial that you check the genuineness of the digital drugstore before you order your drugs online. You can check if the internet pharmacy belongs to Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) so as to be sure if you are receiving only authentic and quality medicines. If you are a customer based in Canada and if you aren’t sure of what worth the online pharmacy could be, then you can always verify about the seal and feel safe about it. Legitimate online Pharmacy sells genuine medicine and also has CIPA seal. In this blog, you can learn all about Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and if you can really trust a Canadian online pharmacy with the seal.

All about the CIPA

From more than a decade, a lot of people in America, almost millions have known to rely on CIPA. Online pharmacies which are the members of CIPA are known to furnish safe and affordable medicines. The e-pharmacies are licensed one and meet stringent standards that are set aside in order to establish the legitimacy. They are being governed by the government in order to promote safety and health security to people. They sell meds to both Canadian and also to US citizens. The association sells medicines that are manufactured by leading brand drug companies at a price that is about 80% less than what is in the US. This is inclusive of the global drug companies like the Merck, Pfizer and Eli Lilly and many other such companies. These pharmaceutical giants have been tested for several rounds and are considered to be safe to buy drugs from. Right from the time the association has have been established in the year 2002, it has provided pharmaceuticals to about ten million patients and even more in the US.

Can you trust CIPA?

Canadian International Pharmacy Association makes sure that customers have access to quality Canadian medications. They also ensure that patients get drugs at affordable rates and not for a higher price that is not affordable by them. They follow the same process to check for prescriptions with patients as is done by the US mail order pharmacies whether they have received it from the right doctor or health care provider. The convenience offered by them is also similar to that of mail order pharmacies in the US.