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FDA approved meds onlineIf a person is going to buy medications online then it is very important to be safe rather than feeling sorry later. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had arranged an educational campaign for the customers to clearly know about obtaining drugs online thus minimizing certain risks.

In a survey conducted by the FDA on internet users, they have found that 29 percent of the people are unsure of how to get drugs in a safe manner. However, 20 percent of the people say that they get hold of pills from mail-order pharmacies.

Due to the availability of the internet, it is easy for the illegitimate online portals to sell the counterfeit drugs to the people. Taking these pills would degrade your health or your family’s health.

FDA says that most of them are not aware of procuring medications from sites lacking in reputation and they also do not know about the consequence they face in terms of health condition. Therefore, it is always wise to choose an online pharmacy which follows the FDA guidelines.

Check for red flags

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) is the one which is responsible for providing a license to the online stores. They say that only three percent of the online drugstores are legitimate. It is very difficult to judge the website whether it is genuine or not because they take enough measures to make the site look like legitimate.

But, through the campaign, it is sure that the FDA would promote awareness and people can easily choose a reputed site to get medications. FDA commissioner says that the illegitimate sites are known to provide offers, discounts and much more. If you feel the rates of the drug are too good to be true then it is a wise decision to step away from that website.

We are going to mention about few red flags that you have to watch every time when you are in need to procure online medications.

  • The website would be located outside the United States.
  • They would not have any license.
  • This website would not sell medications without prescription instead would let you fill an online survey.
  • These sites would offer very cheap pills.
  • Sends mail to people about offering low-cost drugs.

What should you look for in an online pharmacy?

FDA suggests the people procure prescription drugs from mail-order pharmacies only when they have the below-mentioned factors.

  1. Choose the site that asks for a genuine medical script from an authorized doctor.
  2. Check the location of them and select only if they are based in the United States.
  3. You would be allowed to consult with a licensed pharmacist.
  4. Ensure whether they are licensed by the state board of pharmacy before making a purchase.

If you find these signs of authenticity then you can go about buying medications from the website.  Even if you did not find any one of the above-mentioned factors then think twice before having a business with them.

The people can as well visit the FDA website where they have mentioned about all the approved online pharmacies in the United Sates. This method can minimize the risk of choosing the counterfeit sites over the genuine ones. You can very well select one from the list and get the medications.