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PAPsPAP is the abbreviated form for Patient Assistance Programs. These programs are run by pharmaceutical companies in order to provide free medical aid in the form of medications to people who are not able to afford for the drugs they need to treat their ailment. There are various pharmaceuticals that provide patient assistance programs for the drugs they manufacture. Depending upon your eligibility, you might be enrolled in the patient’s program by which you can start buying medications online from healthprose.org or offline at lower prices. This is offered by various groups like drug makers, nonprofit organizations or even state government for that matter. In this blog, you can learn how PAPs work and of what good they can be for you.

Patient Assistance Program by manufacturers

In order to get enrolled for PAP with drug makers, you first need to send them an application stating all your details along with your current financial situation. You can also download the application from the company’s website. In most cases, your physician will provide information about your prescription. This drug company will then review your application and decides if you are eligible for this program. If your application has been approved, then the drug company will send to your home or to doctor’s office the drug you need. You need to place a new order weeks before your supply runs out.

Patient Assistance Program by States

There are many states that provide this scheme. These vary from state to state and mostly tend to be geared towards the disabled, elderly or those who are in dire need of finance. There are also certain programs that are offered specifically to assist some patients with HIV/AIDS or end-stage kidney disease.

Assistance Programs offered by Non-profit

Partnership Prescription Assistance

This is a kind of helpful program that is sponsored by drug companies, patient advocacy organizations, and civic groups and also by doctors. This program aids the low-income individuals to receive free or low-cost brand medicines from branded drugstores as well as from an online pharmacy.


This is also a nonprofit that maintains an extensive database of information about this strategy, drug assistance programs, state lineup, free or low-cost medical care or even drug discount programs. You can freely search for their database on their site. This site also has information on thousands of other programs to enable patients to get through their application program without any distress.


This is a kind of an online database of drug company program that offers free or affordable meds and also provides co-pay assistance. RxAssist is actually a resource center with information about this lineup and also about the issues that are associated with pharmaceutical access. It, however, does not operate any medication program.


This is a web-based resource program wherein you can search for medications in order to locate patient assistance programs. They also offer you some help in getting you through the application process.


This is a mail order pharmacy for people who have little to no health insurance coverage.

Center for Benefits

This is offered by the national council of aging and it shares information about assistance programs for low-income seniors and also young people who have some form of disabilities.

Drug discount cards

Some retail pharmacies or states or even non-profits offer drug discount coupons. Be sure to get it from a reputable firm as some even sell fake discount cards.