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Xenical is a well-known weight loss drug but this medication can also help to lower the blood sugar levels as medical researchers Xenical to reduce blood sugarhave discovered. Whether the obese individual has type 2 diabetes or is at risk of developing diabetes due to the excess weight, taking Xenical has the potential to promote both weight loss and lessen the blood sugar. Those who took Xenical for weight loss and also experienced reduced sugar levels were also able to cut back on their medication.

The fat loss pill Xenical, the brand name for Orlistat, works differently from other weight loss available in the market diet. Most weight loss medications focus on reducing the appetite but Xenical works specifically in preventing the fat from being absorbed into the body. Also, Xenical is not a stimulant like many weight loss pills, which reduces the risk of damage to the nervous system or heart. There is a lot potential for overweight patients in using Xenical for weight loss as the drug’s ability to cut down on blood sugar levels is an added bonus.

Are there any studies proving that Xenical helps reduce blood sugar levels?

There are studies that show that the use of Xenical does indeed help to lower the abnormally elevated blood sugar levels. In one study by the University of Dresden in Germany, a group of about 360 people with type 2 diabetes were administered Xenical and placebo for a year. The results showed those who were on Xenical lost about twelve pounds, along with a reduction in blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol. The group on placebo did not see any changes. These results are similar to another study conducted by the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. The researchers noted that those who experienced reduction in blood sugar levels were also able to cut down on the intake of diabetic medications.

How does Xenical work to lower blood sugar?

Xenical wasn’t designed specifically keeping diabetics in mind but with weight loss as the goal. People with diabetes can use Xenical though. The drug works by blocking the enzyme that breaks down fat, which in turn prevents it from being absorbed and instead gets excreted. This process helps in lowering the calories being stored in the body and helps drops excess weight. Xenical works best if a calorie-controlled low fat diet is followed. High-fat foods can lower the effectiveness of Xenical. The exact way the drug helps to reduce blood sugar is unknown but the lower calorie intake definitely helps.

Can I take Xenical if I want to reduce my blood sugar?

If you are overweight and also a diabetic, then it is best to consult with the doctor before consuming Xenical. The severity of the problem can affect the results of taking this drug too. Also, the healthcare provider would be able to provide dosage instructions that are more suited to you. Of course, bring down blood sugar and reversing diabetes is very important so as to avoid damage to other important organs and body functions. Maintain a healthy diet and also exercise regularly to benefit more from taking Xenical. Reducing the blood sugar level should not be the only goal for taking Xenical, but it may be taken along with diabetic medications for improving health.