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Weight loss and Phentermine
Obesity is a major issue in recent times. Almost 40 % of the world population is obese and the latest report says that the obesity rate is going to increase in the next few years. Everyone who is obese wishes to lose weight but very few can achieve it. What are the reasons behind obesity in people? There can be various reasons behind excess weight and they are:

  • Genetics – genetics has a greater impact on obesity, the child of an obese parent are more likely to be fat compared to those of lean parents.
  • Junk foods – these unhealthy foods contribute a lot towards excess weight gain. Since the junk foods are cheap and can be kept for a longer time in the food rack, these foods are preferred.
  • Addiction to food – the junk foods cause addiction in humans just like alcohol. It changes the control over the eating behavior and makes them eat excess.
  • A Certain type of medications – there are certain medications that cause weight gain due to its ill effects.
  • Leptin – this chemical should send signals to the brain, that the person is full and to stop eating. For people who are obese, lots of leptin is there but it does not work properly and this may lead to obesity.

The above mentioned are very few reasons behind the person getting obese. Many people try to lose weight through exercise or diet but they may not be able to lose weight through these methods. Are you one among the persons who wish to lose weight? If yes, there is a safe medication that is available in the online pharmacies which are Phentermine. It is an appetite suppressant that should be taken along with a healthy diet and an exercise. This weight loss medication suppresses the appetite and when a person eats to a certain quantity they would feel fullness in their stomach. Since each calorie counts it is necessary to take only a healthy diet. Junk foods should be avoided and proper exercise should be done each day for the better effectiveness of the drug. It is to be remembered that the pill only suppresses the appetite to a certain extent. This pill boosts the energy level and assists in burning the fat faster.

Guidelines on how to use Phentermine

The weight loss medication is taken for 3-6 weeks. The dosage strength depends on the doctor’s recommendation. The leaflet that is given along with medicine can be read or you can consult the doctor if there are any questions regarding the pill. The medicine can be taken prior to breakfast or meal but early in the day. A person who has followed healthy diet along with exercise is benefitted from this pill. Depending on the body type, lifestyle, diet, activity and exercise the result of the pill is visible. For some, the effect of the appetite suppressing pill becomes less as the body gets used to the drug. In such cases, it is necessary to stop the medication and start taking the tablets again after a few weeks.

The pill is used only for a short span of time as it may be habit forming. There are no big side effects of using this pill and it may happen to a person or not. Few may get some ill-effects where others have no effect on it.

Some of the side effects include diarrhea, vomiting, swelling in legs and dry mouth. Just like other medications, it is wise to consult the doctor if it is planned to take the weight loss pill. Based on the health condition, the dosage strength may be prescribed for a particular period of time. A person should understand that, even after losing weight with the help of Phentermine, it is necessary to maintain it. Starting to eat junk foods and the high-calorie meal would make an individual to gain the weight again. Even after the losing of weight, a person should follow a healthy diet as well as exercise for a healthy life and to maintain the weight. The weight loss pill helps the person to lose weight as well as to gain confidence.