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Product Description

Voveran is the brand formulation of Diclofenac and it is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. The biological half-life of this drug is about 1.2 to 2 hours.


Voveran is used in treating pain or inflammation caused by arthritis. It works by reducing hormones that cause pain and inflammation.

Voveran is also used in treating migraine headache attacks. The drug can treat only when the head ache has already begun and it does not prevent or reduce the number of attacks in advance.


It is essential to take Voveran exactly prescribed by the doctor. The dosage may change based on age, tolerance as well as severity of the problem.

Voveran is available as an extended-release capsule hence it should not be crushed or chewed. It should be swallowed as a whole because it is made in such a way to release the active ingredient slowly. Crushing or breaking the pill can cause drug overdose. This enteric coated capsule is covered with a special coating that protects the stomach. The enteric coated drug is what helps to prevent the dissolution in the stomach and allows dissolution in the small intestine. Take the pills for the prescribed period of time only.

If the patient has missed a dose of Voveran, it can be taken as soon as they remember. When this dose conflicts with the next schedule, it is wise to avoid taking the missed dose.

Side effects

When Voveran is taken side effects may be triggered. Some of the mild effects are diarrhea, stomach pain, constipation, dizziness, head ache, nervousness, skin itching, blurred vision and bloating. The drug could also lead to serious side effects like chest pain, shortness of breath, weakness, blurred speech, difficult in balancing, problem in vision, blood vomiting, loss of appetite, rapid weight gain and seizures. It is very important to stop the medication and seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Relative contraindications

Just like other drugs, Voveran may cause interactions with other drugs. Anti-depressant medications like Citalopram or Duloxetine, blood thinners like Warafin, Lithium can cause drug interaction. So before starting the course of therapy it is essential to tell the healthcare provider regarding the drugs with prescription, over-the-counter as well as herbal medications that are currently taken.

To avoid any ill effects due to Voveran, it is very essential to consult the doctor regarding certain medical ailments. Asthma, heart related diseases, kidney or liver problem, stomach ulcer and blood clotting disorder are a few among them.

Use of Voveran in pregnant women may cause harmful effects in the unborn baby hence tell the doctor if the patient is pregnant, planning to become pregnant or nursing a baby.