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online pharmacy medication labelsLooking closely at the online pharmacy prescription label is probably not something that everyone does. Well, most likely the user will just glance at the drug name and the directions. However, there is more to this if one were to take a closer look. The details may seem unimportant but most of them will probably be of use to you at some time or another. Drugs purchased from a reputed online drugstore will surely have the correct prescription label as it is required by the FDA to do so, especially when it comes to prescription drugs. Drug labeling regulations apply to all places that dispense prescription medications and online pharmacies follow this too. If you’ve been unable to follow the different details provided on the prescription label, here’s a detailed guide that can help you understand it better and take the medication effectively.

What are you most likely to find on the online pharmacy prescription label?

In order to easily figure out what’s on the drug label, health experts at healthprose has listed the information into separate sections. There may some minor difference between the labeling from one online pharmacy to another but the following are what you can most likely expect to find.

  1. Patient information

This is the basic information that is a must on any medication label. The patient’s name is written clearly so that it is that person’s prescription alone and should not be used by anyone else.

  1. Drug information

For the drug-related information, the details provided are the drug’s name, the dosage strength, and also the number of pills contained in the package. In case the drug’s name is really long, it is most likely to be written in the abbreviated form. Depending on the online drugstore that you order the medication from, the label may also contain both the brand and generic names of the drug.

  1. Direction information

This is the important part of the drug label as it tells you how exactly to take the drug. According to script provided by the doctor, the product label will contain information like if you have to take the medication orally and how many doses you should take in a day. Even if you remember the doctor’s dosage instructions it is recommended to read the directions on the label and follow the guidelines. There may be additional labels that contain the drug information itself, which you can read up before taking the medication.

  1. Doctor’s details

The prescription label is also likely to contain the doctor’s name. This is important as in case you require a refill the right doctor can be contacted. This also ensures that the online pharmacy does not contact the wrong healthcare provider.

  1. Rx information

All prescription medications are filled along with a prescription number, which is clearly printed on the drug label. The Rx number is generated by the internet drugstore each time a new script is filled. This number is useful when refilling the prescription as you can simply repeat the order by providing this Rx number.

  1. Other details

Apart from the drug label details listed above, there is other information that one can expect to find as well. The date of filling the prescription and the date of expiry of the medications is required on every label. Drugs that are classified as schedule II, III, or IV, may carry the warning that the medication should not be shared with anyone not prescribed to take it.

Contact the online pharmacy if you do not understand the details on the medication label and need assistance in any way.