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drug imprint codesProbably all of us are aware of the term ‘imprint code’. It is actually a combination of number or letters, which includes symbols or logos and are specifically used to identify a particular pill and also about its oral dosage! It also has the rest of the information regarding the manufacturers and the ingredients. It is also used as a mark to find the medicine if in any case, you have mixed it up with other drugs. It helps in the better recognition of medicine by the people, especially if ordered online. Many online stores may intentionally or unintentionally mistake one medicine for another but due to these imprint codes! Now, it is easier and safer to purchase drugs online.

What are drug imprint codes?

A unique imprint system has been introduced to mark the different medicinal products which are solely determined by the company manufacturers. The unique imprint is denoted by any letters or combination of letters and numbers and is different for different drug products. Types of ingredients and the particular dosage strength can also be determined through this unique imprint method while buying medications from the pharmacy. Though, in the case of homeopathic medicines, detailed imprints are not required. Combinations which will be able to determine the manufacturer details along with the nature of the homeopathic medicines is the only thing which is needed. It is just a method which helps to identify the types of ingredients added in the pill and also the details about the manufacturer of the drug product, which helps the law enforcement officials to keep a constant check on the quality of the drugs. All the drug products are not brought under the consideration of unique imprint. Only a few selective drug products listed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), can receive the combination of a unique imprint. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issues a particular unique imprint only after receiving the prescriptions and the oral dosage information, regarding a particular drug product.

What is the need for unique imprint codes for medications?

The introduction of unique imprint codes has saved a number of patients from consuming misbranded medicines. In the past few years, many pharmacy agencies have started such illegal manufacturing processes, which have led to health deterioration. To stop such illegal business developments, the FDA introduced the feature of imprint codes, which will prevent the mass from taking any adulterated dosage, which is not approved by the administration. The particular drug or pill cannot be considered as a medicine unless it bears the approval of FDA.

Why should you check drug imprints before buying them from an online pharmacy?

The illegal manufacturing companies usually design their pill wrappers attractively to attract the mass, especially the younger ones. In order to ensure drug safety while you order medication online, certain medications have to be bought with caution. Such drugs are Ecstasy and many more which contains merely no medicinal contents or sometimes, harmful contents which can pose serious health threats to the customers. Painkillers, stimulants and anti-depressant pills are adulterated which are very popular and have a high selling intensity in the market. M367, M365, AN 627, L484, V 36 01, 2172, 2632 V, S 90 3, M366, WATSON 853, V 36 05, RP 10 325 are some of the pill imprints which are mentioned above for your convenience.