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What is Tricor?

Tricor is the brand formulation of Fenofibrate Nano crystallized. It is an orally administrated pill which has a biological half-life of 20 hours. This drug belongs to the class of drugs called as Fibrates and popularly used in treating various diseases. Those who are in need of getting rid of high cholesterol as well as all the conditions that require this medication can buy Tricor online.

What is Tricor used for?

This pill is very effective in helping patients who want to reduce cholesterol levels as well as fatty acids in the body. Fatty acids are also known as Triglycerides. Taking this pill with a low fat meal can reduce bad cholesterol like LDL and escalate good cholesterol like HDL in the physique. This is achieved by the pill by increasing the enzyme which is the natural substance that is capable of breaking down fats in the body. When Triglycerides level is decreased it prevents certain medical conditions like atherosclerosis as well as pancreatitis. The patients who order from a reputed Tricor online pharmacy are guaranteed with the pills that are formulated in an authentic way.

How to take Tricor?

The drug can be taken orally according to the dosage strength that is prescribed to the patient. Some pills should be taken along with a meal whereas some must be taken without a meal. The doctor would instruct you on how to take this drug. Never change from one brand to another unless it is prescribed by the medico. Take the pills at the same time each day; this would enable the patient to remember the dose. It would take two months of time to enjoy the benefit from the treatment. If any other medication for treating cholesterol is taken, Tricor should be taken one hour before or few hours after the other pill. Increasing the dosage or halting the treatment suddenly increases the chance of ill effects. It is very important not to do it without the advice of the physician. The medication would be usually prescribed along with a healthy diet as well as exercise. To get better effectiveness from the pill, follow these along with the medication. The patients should be encouraged to stop smoking to help this drug to get rid of bad cholesterol. The people can get prescribed Tricor online and take care of their health.

Side effects of Tricor

Despite the fact that this medication has a success rate in helping patients to lower their bad cholesterol level, there may also be certain side effects that are activated while administering this pill. Nausea, increased heart rate, unusual bleeding from nose, mouth or vagina, stomach pain, back pain, stuffy nose, chest pain, swelling as well as vomiting are a few among them. In this case, halt the medication and get medical help as soon as possible.

Interaction with other drugs

Many patients face drug interaction problems in recent times. It is very important to know the possible chance of interaction with the drugs that are taken and then purchase generic Tricor online. Some of the drugs that a person should be cautious while taking along with this pill are Colchicine, Warfarin, Jantoven and steroids.