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What is Trental?

Trental is the generic formulation of Pentoxifylline, a Xanthine derivative. The muscle pain reliever works by relaxing the red blood cells to improve the blood flow. The drug has an active half-life of about one to one and a half hours. The typical dosage of this pill is 400 mg, which may be prescribed for taking multiple times in a day based on the patient’s diagnosis. Getting generic Trental online is a very convenient way of availing the pills in a timely and cost-effective manner.

What is Trental used for?

The drug is predominantly used to treat peripheral artery disease, where the patient diagnosed with this condition experiences intermittent pain in the muscles, strains, or cramping, especially while walking or doing other such activities. Patients advised to take the medication can get prescribed Trental online and overcome their symptoms. The drug may also be prescribed for other health problems which may benefit from the therapeutic effects of Pentoxifylline. The drug is not indicated for use in persons who are allergic to the active ingredient or had a bleeding disorder in the brain or eye.

How to take Trental?

Trental is best taken exactly as prescribed by the healthcare provider. One can also read the instructions of the on the product label. The orally ingested pills should be swallowed whole without breaking, crushing, or chewing them. The compressed tablet is taken with a meal. The drug course should be completed fully even if the symptoms have improved before the course is over. Do not double the dose or take two doses close together if the dose is missed, but skip the missed dose. The drug therapy may be required for two to four weeks for complete recovery, after which the dose should not be continued without the doctor’s recommendation. Lactating women should not take the drug as it can pass through breast milk and harm the baby. In case of pregnancy, inform the doctor immediately and get suitable assistance on whether to continue with the medication or not.

Side effects of Trental

Mild side effects like flushing, gas troubles, flatulence, upset stomach, nausea, dizziness, and vomiting may occur from taking the muscle relaxer. For any allergic reactions or more persistent side effects, seek emergency medical assistance. Certain health conditions can affect taking this drug effectively and can also cause harmful effects. The individual should disclose to the physician of he or she has any allergies, stomach ailments, ulcers, blood vessel issues, blood pressure troubles, liver problems or kidney diseases. Doing so will help reduce the risk of side effects from taking the pills, and anyone can easily buy Trental online.

Interaction with other drugs

Before opting for a Trental online pharmacy, check for the potential interactions of taking this medication. Precaution is required if someone is using blood pressure drugs, over-the-counter pills, vitamins, herbal supplements, dietary pills, anticoagulants, Ciprofloxacin, and Theophylline. For any clarifications on safety of drug use, the healthcare professional would be able to provide the required information.