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Online Pharmacy PracticesThe way in which medicines are being prescribed, dispensed and administered in US is changing rapidly over time. This transformation is noticed by Health Information Technology (HIT) and it includes an array of tools in managing and sharing information of patient on electronic medium instead of handling the age old paper record techniques or by using the phone or fax methods. In this value based system, it is indeed an opportunity for Pharmacy online pharmacists to utilize their professional skills in novel ways. Pharmacists can use Health Information Technology for patient care, improve patient outcome, and thus to minimize the cost of healthcare. In this blog, you will get to know about 5 technology dependent trends that are making a great impact on the pharmacy sector.

  1. Electronic Prior Authorization

This technology trend is now being put into practice and works in two ways: retrospective and prospective which in turn affects the pharmacies profoundly.

Both of these frames let queries to be framed and customized depending upon the patient and the medication need. It also supports clinical attachment like subsets of medical records. EPA will create value for pharmacies by eliminating many PA’s from work queues and also frees up valuable time. This in turn enables the pharmacists to focus their attention on patients and on revenue generation activities.

  1. Medication Therapy Management

Pharmacists play a crucial role in leveraging technology to provide patient care services and also to provide medication therapy management. The services comprise of medication reviews, drug use reviews, reviewing lab tests, immunizations adjustments of drug dosage, identifying gaps in healthcare, medication reconciliation.

  1. Waging war against substance abuse

The abuse of prescription medications, particularly the opioids is at epidemic levels. Both the state and the federal government have realized that technology does have a role in addressing these serious issues.

  1. The advancing of specialty prescribing

Online doctor Prescriptions are increasing rapidly for specialty medications which are costly and also have complex therapies which require administration, special handling and monitoring. Medications that are under specialty account for only 1% of the prescriptions but more than 25% of expenses on prescription, the same is expected to reach to about 50% in the forthcoming years.

  1. Real-time pharmacy benefit

This would replace the current procedure of linking an eligibility response with downloaded data files. This has certain limitations which are due to the latency of the updating process and also the inconsistent quality and quantity of data. This technology trend will benefit the accuracy, effectiveness and the breadth of the data available with the prescriber at the health care. This will also enable the prescriber to see other desired decision factors like co-payment amounts for patients individually when the point is being prescribed for medications.