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Tramadol for FibromyalgiaIt is found that Tramadol can be taken for the treatment of Fibromyalgia. This is a medical ailment which causes musculoskeletal pain. Apart from this, it also causes fatigue, mood problems, sleep and memory issues. It was discovered in a research that Fibromyalgia increases the sensation of pain by modifying the way that your central nervous system processes the pain signals. But, fortunately Tramadol can be taken by these patients to get pain relief.

Is there a cure for Fibromyalgia?

Till now, there is no cure for this condition and there are no approved medications. Researchers are finding a way to treat the pain caused by Fibromyalgia. It is better to take the medication that is very popular in the market than inventing a new one. This is why the studies were conducted on Tramadol pills.

A group of people were given Tramadol pills whereas other set of people were provided with Placebo drugs. This is to examine the exact effect of the pills. Both groups comprised of people who are suffering from moderate to severe levels of pain.

After the pill is given to the patient they were told to put marks from 0 to 9 based on the effectiveness it provides on the pain. If they didn’t feel any reduction in the pain then they were allowed to put 0 and in case they didn’t experience any pain then they were allowed to select 9.

Most of the patients selected from 6 to 9 after Tramadol pill was given to them. Within one hour they felt the reduction in the pain and the effectiveness stayed in the body for about six to seven hours. Until then, they had no worry about the pain that is caused by Fibromyalgia as they were able to do all their desired activity. It is always the pain that had restricted them from many activities. Now, they do not have any such restrictions.

Do all who take Tramadol can experience effectiveness from the drug?

Though the success rate of the medication is very high, not all who take Tramadol would experience positive effects. There are certain factors on which some patients should not take this drug. It may be due to the allergic reactions towards the active ingredient in Tramadol or due to any medical ailments. A healthcare professional would be the right person to decide whether this drug should be taken by you or not to treat the pain caused by fibromyalgia.

However, if only mild pain is created by the condition then it is not recommended to take Tramadol as this is only prescribed to treat pain ranging from moderate to severe.

Are doctors prescribing Tramadol to the patients to treat pain caused by Fibromyalgia?

Yes, Tramadol is one of the common medications that are prescribed for the usage of patients to get rid of pain caused by fibromyalgia. It is either suggested to be taken as a single pill or as a combination medication. Sometimes, it is combined with acetaminophen to treat the pain. A healthcare professional would know along with what to combine and what not to combine. For example, Tramadol medication should not be combined with any tricyclic antidepressants. Since a patient would take the pills only after consulting a doctor, it is safe for them during the treatment.