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Canadian Online Pharmacies questionsMillions of Americans get their prescription filled from a Canadian pharmacy, both offline and on the internet, for the mere fact that the drugs are cheap and one can save a lot of money. Those looking for a drug store see if they can find a number of options like generic variants, affordable alternatives to name brand drugs, and even over the counter formulations. Opting for a medication store may seem simple but there are usually a number of questions for which there may not immediate answers. Here are some of the top questions that are frequently asked regarding buying prescription medications from a Canadian online pharmacy.

Are US prescriptions accepted at Canadian pharmacies?

A valid prescription is definitely accepted as these places are available so that people from the world over have access to important prescription medications. Use a verified source to place the order.

What are the pharmacy regulations in Canada?

Health Canada is the regulatory body that reviews and approves new drug applications. Pharmacy regulation responsibilities are shared by both provincial and federal agencies. The Canadian drug establishment should have a license to run its business.

How to identify a legitimate Canadian online pharmacy?

If you are unsure about the legitimacy of the place, simply look for the certification seal on the website. Reputable drugstores will have the CIPA seal. When in doubt, you can also use the pharmacy checker tools that are available on the internet.

Is it safe to purchase prescription medications from an online Canadian drugstore?

A verified place is definitely safe to use and you will receive only top quality medications. Even if the drugs are manufactured at other locations worldwide, what you will receive will have definitely passed government checks. Websites that have the requisite credentials offer only the genuine medications.

How to identify rogue websites?

Most unsafe online drugstores engage in typically unsafe practices like offering the medications without asking for the prescription, withholding drug information, not providing a verified means of communication, and not disclosing the actual location. Those websites that masquerade as Canadian drugstores typically have the government seal of approval and the symbol of their country flag. You can always check for reviews and ratings to see what others think of the place.

Will it be safe and secure to place the order online?

A registered Canadian drugstore is required to provide encryption during the payment process. This also extends to using the information of buyers. A privacy policy that outlines all these details will be useful for the buyer before using the place to order medication online.

How do I know if the medication I receive is genuine or not?

As much as possible opt only for sources that offer the genuine medication and have passed the verification assessments. This way you can avoid receiving fake or counterfeit drugs.

What is the benefit of using a Canadian pharmacy online?

Authentic medications in the US cost more than double what is listed in Canada for the same drugs. Ordering from a Canadian pharmacy online are ideal if you want save money on healthcare costs and save yourself the trip across borders by getting the pills delivered to you. You can also save a lot of time as you do not have to wait in long lines to get the prescription filled or make the trip to a local brick-and-mortar drugstore that actually stocks your medications.

Why are drug prices lower in Canada than in the US?

The drug prices are lower when compared to the US because the Canadian government controls the pricing to make them affordable to all economic groups. Even new drugs should be priced in line with the Canadian federal agency’s regulations.

Is it possible to buy generic drugs from Canada?

These drugstores offer a range of generic variants that are priced lower but are just as effective as their brand counterparts. The same can be purchased online no matter which country you reside in.