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Online Pharmacy Safety Commandments Online pharmacies are convenient to use but have some issues with regard to safety, which is why all the reputed places follow the top 10 commandments that ensure customer safety. More than as commandments, these are policies and laws that have to be followed if the internet pharmacy is a legitimate one. Buyers can look for places that follow these important online drugstore guidelines so that they can get the genuine medications in a safe manner.

Shopping for any product over the internet comes with a number of other issues, of which safety of use is the biggest one. People can purchase prescription drugs online easily over the internet but there are numerous places that operate in a spurious manner and compromise the safety of the users. If an online drugstore follows the guidelines in these 10 commandments, then one can use the place knowing that it is safe.

What are the 10 commandments of online pharmacy safety?

Every internet pharmacy should follow these important safety guidelines for it to be reputed and trusted.

  1. The place should have a current license to dispense medications online, validated by the state or the related authorities.
  2. Prescription medications that are controlled substances should be sold only by following the policies set by the federal agencies regarding the same.
  3. The online pharmacy should be the one fill the prescriptions and process the transactions, without outsourcing this to some other affiliates.
  4. The place should have a licensed pharmacist available at all times to check the prescription before dispensing the order.
  5. The availability of an online doctor further ensures safety as the buyer can get the medication queries or anything else resolved.
  6. Drugs that require a prescription for use within the US should not be dispensed without one, even if the same drug does not require a script in the country the medication is imported from.
  7. All the rules and industry standards of the drug industry should be accepted and followed according to the jurisdiction.
  8. The customer’s healthcare provider should have prescribed the drug with the proper script before it can be dispensed.
  9. The shipment method should be one where the package requires a signature upon delivery so that the medication is not left lying around easily available for someone else to take it.
  10. The most important rule of all is the provision of a privacy policy that protects the customer’s information without sharing any details to third parties, unless required by law to do so or for the fulfillment of a service.

Choosing the right online drugstore

Medications are incumbent for improving health and one must take all steps to ensure that this is done so safely, including opting for the right online pharmacy to place the order. It is recommended to go with one that follows these safety guidelines though it may not always be possible. You can choose a drugstore that is located in the same country as you. If going with an overseas one, ensure that is verified, licensed to sell medications, protects customer information, offers online doctor services, has multiple payment methods, and also options for shipping. Primarily, the drug prices should not be unbelievably low, which you can compare and shop to get the best deals.