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What is Tegretol?

Being discovered in the year 1953, Tegretol is an anticonvulsant medicine that is employed in the management of seizures. It comprises of a component called carbamazepine which works by decreasing the nerve impulses that cause seizures in the body. Belonging to a class of drugs called anti-epileptic agents the medicine combats different type of seizures. It is distributed by a pharmaceutical company called Novartis which is based in Switzerland. There are also many generic forms of carbamazepine available in the market today. As many people are now turning towards online pharmacies to get their meds you can also acquire generic tegretol online in place of the branded one.

What is Tegretol used for?

Different types of seizures such as myoclinic seizure, absence seizure and tonic-clonic seizure are treated by this medicine. It is also useful for treating some types of nerve pain that cause pain in the face (trigeminal neuralgia) and also diabetic neuropathy. It also has other uses such as treatment of bipolar disorder and certain other metal mood related problems. Post traumatic stress disorder can also be healed with the help of this pill. But the medicine produces dangerous results, if it is used by a person who has a history of bone marrow suppression or if they have used an MAO inhibitor recently. Even pregnant women should refrain themselves from taking the pill. Aside from such people anyone else can buy tegretol online and use it to treat their conditions.

How to take Tegretol?

The medicine comes in three forms which are tablet, extended-release tablet, liquid and chewable form. The tablet must not be broken or crushed. It should be consumed as a whole orally. The chewable version must be chewed completely before swallowing. The dosage of the medicine mainly depends on the age. For children who are above 12 years of age and suffering from epilepsy, 200 mg of this medicine is given twice a day. But for children who fall in the age group of 6 to 12 years, the dose is reduced to 100 mg two times a day. For children below 6 years old the dose is even decreased to 10 to 20 mg/kg/day. The dosage for the liquid formulation is different. To get complete information about the dosage you must consult a doctor. Get his prescription, so you can get prescribed tegretol online.

Side effects of Tegretol

Common side effects arising from tegretol are:

A doctor must be contacted immediately if the following side effects occur:

The side effects that occur due to low quality of pill can be completely eliminated by getting the medicine from tegretol online pharmacy.

Interactions with other drugs

This drug is known to interact with many medications. The medications that this drug interacts with might either reduce this drugs efficiency or in the worst case lead to serious side effects. Such medications include

Inform your doctor about any medications that you are currently consuming.