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Synthroid is a hormone drug indicated for individuals experiencing thyroid gland malfunctioning. This drug imitates thyroid hormone. This drug is commonly used for preventing goiter, hormone imbalance, cancer, surgery and radiation therapy. There are other uses of this drug too.

Synthroid without prescription

Given its nature as a non-controlled medication, the drug can be purchased without prescription. There is a least possibility of availing this medication without prescription from brick and mortar stores. Hence, online pharmacies are considered to be the best choice. Do not take this drug without prescription if you have any medical condition related to heart, blood sugar, blood cell count, bone, allergies, adrenal grand or, thyrotoxicosis. Synthroid mixes with the breast milk. There is no scientific evidence to prove that the medication causes problem to the unborn child or the nursing baby. Do not continue the same dose that you had, before pregnancy. Contact a gynecologist to adjust your dose during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Buy Synthroid online

Though buying Synthroid online is not a complicated process, it is to be noted that the medication should not be consumed without a doctor’s consultation. As stated before, Synthroid is not for use in all types of people. If you are consuming any other drugs, talk to your doctor before you avail the drug from any reputed online drug store. This drug interacts with iron supplements, calcium carbonate supplements, antacids, sodium polystyrene, colestipol and others. You should also avoid food items like high fiber food, soy related items, cotton seed and others.

Synthroid online pharmacy

Synthroid is a relatively safe drug. Remember to choose the right manufacturer to buy this drug. Any impurities in the drug can trigger side effects that are considered to be rare and uncommon. Common side effects of Synthroid are mild hair loss, cold skin, headache, confusion, weak pulse and loss of consciousness.

This drug is readily available in online pharmacies and other drug stores. This has increased the misuse of this drug for weight loss and appetite suppression. Though this drug helps to reduce weight and suppresses appetite, it is very dangerous to consume this drug without consulting a doctor. Misusing this drug can cause fatal consequences too.