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Product Description

Strattera is widely used in the prevention of chosen reuptake of the chemical component norepinephrine. The major part of this drug is atomoxetine.

Medical Uses

Strattera assists in keeping under check of the symptoms connected with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The important disorders numbering around three related with the ADHD are inattentiveness, hyperactivity and a spike in impulsivity.

Strattera focuses on raising the attention quotient in people who have been identified to be affected with ADHD. It is understood that minimum levels of norepinephrine is the reason for attention problems in people. The medication curtails the norepinephrine in the nervous system from being reabsorbed back and leads to augmenting the content of norepinephrine present. All this enables the individual to increase the concentration levels and minimize the symptoms of ADHD. The hyperactivity related with the disorder is also minimized.

Dosage and administration

The administration of Strattera should always be according to the instructions provided by the doctor. The drug may be taken orally. The dosage strength is decided by calculating the patient’s weight and also the severity of the condition. This dosage should not be modified by increasing or decreasing it unless asked to do so by the physician.

The maximum recommended dosage of Strattera in a day is 100 mg. In the event that there is drug overdose seek emergency medical assistance without any delay. If a dose is missed, then it should be taken as early as the person remembers to do so. If the missed dose realization is closer to the schedule for the next dose then it may be skipped entirely. Do not double the doses to make up for the missed dose as it can increase the risk of side effects.

Side Effects

Strattera use can result in certain side effects. These may be either mild or severe. Some of the common side effects that one may experience with using this drug are:

The more severe adverse effects are given below. If any of them occur, it is important to contact your healthcare provider immediately for suitable treatment.

Things you should know about Strattera

There are a few precautions that may be taken before using Strattera that will ensure that the drug is taken safely.