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What is Speman?

Speman is alternative medicine that is made with a combination of different herbs and it is manufactured by the renowned health care company called the Himalayan drug company. It is made for men who have sexual related problems. It has been stated by the manufacturers that this product is based on the principles of ayurveda and hence can be very effective in dealing with a disease or a medical condition. So, one can buy speman online or in their localities without any hesitations as this company has a very good standing in the world of health care.

What is Speman used for?

The herbal medicine is used for male infertility. This is one of the major problems of the current society and the main reason behind this was identified as the low sperm count in men. So this medicine is used to increase healthier sperm production by enhancing the testicular and epididymal functions in the body of a male. The combination of herbs present in the pill can also help reduced abnormalities in the sperm that is produced. The deficiency of low sperm cells is medically known as oligospermia and the medicine is very effective in treating this condition. Another secondary use for this medicine is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia which causes the swelling of prostate glands to such an extent that it constricts urethra. Any speman online pharmacy would carry this alternative medicine in authentic quality.

How to take Speman?

The medicine comes in a bottle containing a set number of capsules. These capsules contain more than 9 natural herbs and 3 key ingredients that are traditionally available in India and are regarded with high performance in the field of ayurveda. The pill must be consumed 2 to 3 times a day depending on the condition of the man. It can be taken either will water or milk. For exact specifications it is best to consult a physician. The pill is available as an over the counter medicine but it is best to consult a doctor and get prescribed speman online. Getting a medicine with prescription can help safeguard you from the misuse of the medicine.

Side effects of Speman

Since the medicine is made of all natural supplements it is not known to have any side effects. In case you experience any unusual changes in the body consult a doctor immediately. Also ensure not to consume any sub-standard or fake product. Sometimes side effects can also be due to the consumption of a fake pill. There is no generic version available for this medicine and it is only manufactured by The Himalayan Drug Company. So make sure to not fall for the any stores claiming to sell generic speman online.

Interactions with other drugs

This medicine might interact with other medicines that are taken to cure oligospermia. So do not take this medicine with prescription medicine unless and until it is prescribed by the doctor. But even with any interaction the side effect will only be minimal as it is a natural supplement.