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Online pharmacy servicesOver any online drugstore, you get a multitude of services. The services that are offered are exemplary and make your long process a short one. These special services help patients to enjoy the convenience of shopping for medications online. In this blog, you can explore the various special services offered by an online pharmacy.

Home delivery

This is indeed the most wonderful and highly recommended one. Who doesn’t need their drugs to be delivered to them? Well, everybody wishes for home delivery of goods they order. But, this home delivery facility is available only with limited online pharmacies. If you are too busy to pick up your prescriptions, you need not worry anymore. Healthprose online pharmacy delivers ordered meds straight to your door step for free provided that you are eligible for home delivery option.

Customized packing of drugs

This is a really useful service offered by many internet based drugstores. If you are someone who happen to forget easily or if you are not able to keep a track of the drugs or if you find it difficult to remember your dose, then the customized drug packing would be really helpful for you.

Reminder to refill

Everybody have the tendency to forget things and forgetfulness is natural among all. If your medications are running out of stock or if you forgot to refill your prescription, then you need not go hither and thither in search of the meds at the nick of time. Rather, using the Refill Reminder service offered by digital drugstores will not let your stock go extinct. The reminder will help you to refill your medicines on time.

Convenience services

Though not many legitimate online pharmacy offer this service, convenience services is growing steadily and is catching up among the crowd. Patients, especially the elderly one would often require large print labels and so opting for this convenience service will be the ideal choice. One can also opt for getting the print labels in different languages if available with the particular online pharmacy. If you are in need of easy open caps, you can ask for the same with any online drugstore if available.

90-day prescription

This form of service will be very much useful for those who keep travelling. If you are going on for a vacation or a business visit to other place, then what is the surety that you will get your medicines at those places? It is always better to carry your drug stock wherever you go. 90-day prescription service helps one to get a 3-month prescription pack and that too with some discounts.

Express Pay

You can save your credit card information on our secured encrypted payment system and your bill amount can automatically be retrieved when you shop for drugs from us.


You can request your doctor to send the prescription electronically to us and you no more have to worry of losing your prescription or having it misplaced. The online drugstore will fill up your prescription and delivers the drugs to your place and saves your prescription for future reference.