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Product Description

Soma is a muscle relaxant which is used for treating injuries and other musculoskeletal pain. It blocks the pain signals that are sent to brain and thereby reduces pain experienced by the user.

Talk to your doctor before taking Soma

Since Soma is a habit-forming drug, it is a CSA scheduled drug. It is a federal crime to hold or use the drug without the prescription. Talk to your doctor about your problem and give a detailed record of all medical conditions that you have currently and had in the past. Doctor would also request you to give a list of drugs which you are consuming on demand and continuously. Since a lot of drugs interact with this medication and cause unwanted effects, it is important to mention all drugs that you consume. Then, he will decide whether the medication is right for you or not.

Beware of the withdrawal symptoms

Soma is an FDA controlled drug. Nonetheless, it is available in a lot of stores, it is not safe to use it without doctor’s approval. It can become a habit and will cause withdrawal symptoms when you stop consuming it like; stomach pain, insomnia, nausea, seizure, and others. Pregnant women should not consume this medication as it would harm the fetus.

Possible Side effects of the medication

The generic name of Soma is Carisoprodol. You can either use a brand drug or any high quality approved generic drug. If you are allergic to the brand drug, you would also be allergic to generic drugs. Common allergic reaction includes,

Both generic and brand drugs will have same set of side effects like,

These are serious side effects. If you experience any of these, stop the drug and talk to your doctor immediately.


You can buy Soma without prescription in the dosage strengths of 250 mg and 350 mg. Either of these dosages are recommended to be taken three times a day. The 250 mg tablets are round in shape and inscribed with ‘SOMA 250’ on one side. 350 mg tablets are also round in shape and inscribed with ‘SOMA 350’. Both these dosages are white in color. Patients are given a different dose depending and the nature of the injury and the intensity of the injury. The medicine is known to be habit-forming hence only use it for the duration that is specified by your doctor. Using it for longer periods or in high doses will lead the body to be physically dependent on the medicine. But since it is an FDA approved medicine, it does not cause any effects if it is used in a proper manner.

If you happen to miss taking any dose, as soon as you remember, take the medication. But if it is close to your next dose then skip the dose that missed continue with your regular dose. Do not take the dose to just to make up for the missed dose. This will cause an overdose of soma and overdose can be dangerous.

Drugs that could possibly interact with the medication

Drug interactions between certain drugs may affect the way a particular medication works in the body. It may either increase or decrease the effect of either medication. Some interactions may also increase the intensity of side effects. Bear in mind about all the medications that you take on a regular basis, be it prescription, over the counter and herbal; and inform your doctor before buying this medicine. This information will facilitate doctors to take a right decision and see to it that the drug does not produce any nasty reactions. It is important not to start taking the medication as per your discretion before consulting a doctor.

In particular the medications that must be avoided while taking this drug are antihistamines, anxiety drugs, narcotic pain meds and muscle relaxants. Also avoid medications that are known to increase the drowsiness. Alcohol is also known to interact with Soma and increase the drowsiness effect caused by the medicine.

What are the precautions to be noted before buying Soma without prescription?

How to properly store the medication?

Once the drug is received through overnight delivery option from online pharmacies, Soma medication must be stored at room temperature and must be kept away from heat and moisture. Hence as a precautionary measure do not store it in the bathroom or the fridge. Keep the medicine away from pets or children and especially from someone who has abused drugs in the past. Do not break or crush the pill and take it as a whole. If you need to break the pill to take reduced dosage do in only with a pill splitter in the presence of a doctor. Look for the expiry date on the bottle before you consume the medicine. Never consume any expired medication. It is known to produce nasty side effects.

Withdrawal Symptoms of Soma

Some people might experience withdrawal symptoms after using the medication for a while. These symptoms may include headache, seizures, pain in the stomach, problems with sleep and nausea. If you notice any of these symptoms it is best to inform your physician first and only then discontinue the use of the drug. It is advisable to relax the muscles before you are prescribed to buy generic Soma and before any other treatment.