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Smok-Ox is a natural herbal drug which helps user to reduce nicotine craving. This helps the user to adapt to a smoking-free lifestyle. It helps to improve metabolism, changes smell and taste perception towards smoking, reduces weight gain and also helps to restore lungs healthy functions by providing more antioxidants.

Smok-Ox without prescription

Smok-Ox is a complete herbal drug and it can be bought without prescription. It contains natural herbs like Curcuma Longa, Aloe Vera, Piper Nigrum, Zingiber Officinale, Mentha Piperita and others. Read the ingredients listed in the package before consuming the drug. If you are allergic to any ingredient, consult a doctor before starting your treatment with the drug. If you have any major life threatening medical condition, you can talk to your doctor about the drug before using it. You can buy Smok-Ox without prescription from various online sites and a few brick and mortar pharmacy stores.

How to get Smok-Ox?

Smok-Ox is available in a lot of online sites and pharmacies. The pills are manufactured from an Indian company and are sent out to various countries. Every element in the pill is approved by FDA. Since it is the only company that is producing Smok-Ox, you cannot find any generic version of this pill. It is always better to choose the product from the same company to avoid any gimmicks. This drug is not intended for anyone less than 18 years of age.

Buy Smok-Ox online

Since it is not an allopathic drug, it might not be available in all brick and mortar pharmacy stores. It is easier to buy the drug from online stores. Before you buy the drug from any site, it is important to know that Smok-Ox does not cure any medical condition that has been caused by smoking. It is used for reducing stress and anxiety that are developed after quitting. But, it is not a relevant stress medicine, if you have clinical acute stress.