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Product Description

SlimFast is an herbal supplement that suppresses appetite and increases metabolism. This helps in weight loss. It also increases energy and helps in burning more calories. It is usually recommended along with diet and exercise.

Important information

SlimFast is an over-the-counter drug. But, it is not for everyone. People with chronic malabsorption, colon cancer or intestinal obstruction should not consume this drug. Pregnant women and lactating mothers should not consume this medication.

The list of ingredients will be listed in the package, so read it carefully and if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you would be allergic to SlimFast. Not all doctors would recommend this medication. You can always talk to your doctor about this drug and learn whether it is right for you or not.

Remember that SlimFast does not cure obesity or any disease caused by obesity. It is not advised for children. Read the drug leaflet carefully before using the drug.

Slimfast medication would work properly only when it is consumed in the proper way that it is supposed to be. This medication might not be suitable for some people and it is better for those kinds of people to get medical assistance on whether it can be taken or not.


Slimfast is available in different dosage strength and they are 20 mg as well as 438 mg. This medication is an extract from certain vegetables. This can be taken in regular basis.

A single capsule of this medication should be taken every day before breakfast on an empty stomach. During the treatment with this medication, there are chances that you might feel very hungry in the evening. In this case, you should again take a single pill of slimfast on empty stomach before taking the dinner.

It is very important to take this medication with a low carb diet. This is to increase the efficacy of the medication. It is not restricted and you can also take a meal that contains high fat in it. But, in this case the effectiveness of the medication would not be achieved.

Apart from this, you can also perform regular exercise, swimming, walking or jogging.

Missing a dose and Overdose

Since SlimFast medication should be taken before breakfast on an empty stomach, it is not possible for you to miss a dose. In case, you missed the dose then take the medication when you remember but check if it clashes with the next schedule of dose. If it conflicts, it is wise to avoid taking the missed one.

Side effects

The most common side effect of SlimFast is allergic reaction which can lead to swelling in face, irritation or other problems. If you have any side effects, stop the drug and consult a doctor immediately. Do not share this drug with anyone even though they have the same problem as you.

Relative Contraindications

SlimFast is not known to interact with any major drugs. However, if you are consuming any life saving drugs, it is important to talk to your doctor about ingredients in this drug to know whether any ingredient would interact with your drugs.